For setting, you want to always square up
to where you’re setting the ball. This is for both hand setting and bump setting. You don’t want to ever be side setting so don’t set to the side or bump set
sideways. The reason you square up is because you’re trying to set the ball
straight. For the footwork, focus on having the foot that’s closest to the
net forward so if you’re facing the left side hitter. Focus on having your
right foot forward if you’re facing the right side and focus on having your left
foot forward. If you’re setting from a position off the net,
square up a little bit more off the net so you don’t send the ball too tight. If
your bump setting and you’re close to the hitter, focus on having more of a
parallel platform. This is your passing platform is more parallel to the ground.
So, here you aren’t swinging your arms. You’re just bending your legs and using
your shoulders to push the ball. If you’re further away from the hitter then
focus on lowering your platform and pushing the ball to the hitter. That’s for
a bump setting. The more up and down you can set the ball, the easier it will be
to be accurate with your sets. This is why you should try to keep the play
close to your partner. Keep everything close together. For example, if you pass
the ball across the court, then your partner goes across the court to get it
and then they try to push it across the court to set you on the other side
of the court. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Basically, you want to
keep the focus on passing the ball to your side of the court and make your
partner come to your side of the court to set you. If you do end up passing the
ball to more to their side of the court, then try to hit middle instead of having
the setter push the ball across the court.
Keeping the sets going up and down more than out will make things a lot easier
for both the hitter and the setter. So, if the pass is over here off the net this
setter needs to square up to where they’re sending the ball. So for this
side, the right foot is forward when you set. If they were setting to this side,
you would have a left foot forward. Now if you’re interested in improving your
setting, be sure to watch my video on how you can improve your passing to make it
easier to set. The link to watch it is in the description below and also in the
cards in this video. If you’ve been struggling with setting and have a
question related to setting, please comment below with a followup question.
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