Beach Volleyball dynamic duo talk TO2015 with Olympian Marnie McBean

Hi, I’m Melissa Humana-Peredes. (Melissa Humana-Peredes, Team Canada Beach Volleyball) I’m Taylor Pischke. (Taylor Pischke, Team Canada Beach Volleyball) And I’m Marnie McBean and I’m a rower and they’re beach volleyball players and… yeah. (Marnie McBean, 3 x Olympic Gold Medallist and Pan Am Gold Medallist, Rowing) So the Pan Ams are coming up in Toronto, you’re trying to compete at them. What do you expect from the Pan Ams this summer? It’s going to be incredible, it’s just going to consume the city and it’s going to be a whole celebration and everyone’s invited and I hope everyone comes. I’m just so excited to see what happens and what it looks like. I just know it’s going to be this very exciting thing that the city’s never seen before. It’s going to be huge for Canadian athletes and for Canadian sports and I just can’t wait to try and qualify. Do you ever picture yourself playing? Like do you have little, you know, you’re sitting there and you’re dreaming of it? Yeah and you like picture the winning point and what you would do and how you hug Taylor and like all that stuff, yeah. I picture that a little. Taylor, are you working that out? Like the big, celebratory high five? Was the Pan Ams part of your dream? Or are you like: ‘this is a pretty good goal to add?’ Oh, for sure. Well when I was little, the Pan Am Games were in Winnipeg and I remember going to them and just the whole city was so excited. So I’m excited and I’ve always wanted to play in it. I won there. Did you? In Winnipeg? Yeah, yeah, the rowing was in Brandon but it was… Amazing! …It was pretty amazing. So the Pan Ams are pretty awesome. What do you think it will be like to the home team? Like all the red and white down at the Pan Am Park. Oh, it will be incredible. I think everyone’s super excited about it and it will be so crazy to be representing our country in Canada even more so… yeah, I’m excited. We had the opportunity to play on home soil a couple years ago in Halifax and we did pretty well there. And it was just incredible to have the whole crowd cheering for you and have all their support. And have your friends and family there and just knowing that they’re behind you no matter what. It’s like having a third person on the court with you. It’s, like, just their support and knowing that they’re there, it’s… indescribable. Melissa, how did you guys get together as a partnership? It’s a good story actually. We met four years ago and my dad was a beach volleyball coach for Mark Heese and John Childs at the 1996 Olympics. And Garth, her dad, went to the Olympics for indoor volleyball. Ooh! So, we kind of have that, like, familiar family chain there. So, they have knew each other and a couple years ago they decided that maybe Taylor and I would be a good partnership. And so, we never met before, we met here. She flew all the way from Winnipeg to here for this one tournament to see if we could go represent Canada in the U19 World Championships. And we won that tournament and we decided, you know, from then on we’re just going to play together. You know, worked out really well and we have been really successful ever since. So it worked out. I know a lot of people always make fun of us because we’re so, like, bubbly on the court. They’re always yelling… They do make fun of our cheers. But it works. They either, like, see you really happy or they’re annoyed by how happy you are. Yeah, yep, they, like, make fun of the way I say her name when I’m, like, super happy. How do you say her name when you’re happy? Apparently, it’s super high-pitched but it’s like ‘yes, Taylor! They make fun of me a lot.
-‘Nice block!’ Yeah, yeah… And then do you say her last name over and over again? Oh yeah, her last name? I love just practicing it, it’s so long. I don’t even know, I don’t even think she can pronounce it. I don’t think I can, the second part is hard.
-Do it! Peredes? Very good! (CHEERING AND CLAPPING) So, there you go… Peredes. Learn it for the Pan Ams. TORONTO 2015 PAN AM/PARAPAN AM GAMES

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