Beach Volleyball Bikinis: Americans Will Keep Wearing Them At Olympics

international volleyball federation
announced back in march that what they would no longer require the beach
volleyball players to wear bikinis okay which is interesting now the reason
why they did that is so when you go up compete in conservative countries you
have to worry about offending people you just where the more conservative attire
however and the american beach volleyball team says yatin about that not we’re gonna wear bikinis and we’ll
continue to do so yes begum who have said u_s_ air differs a lot i would just like
to know for the record that beach volleyball players have the best bodies of any athletes u_s_a_ at night he said and that might be in prison and
like how their bodies are great and of course not just americans off their
property ally of the americans behind our players like they have amazing
bodies like you know how diff athletes have different and she right now if you’re like a sprinter yet
it’s their bodies of them that live in the sixties and the retractable
speaking how well you might imagine what are you doing them that electorate at the mezzaluna no the
release of their bodies seem better than others personal like a lot of the
athletes they have a zero percent body fat they’re in great shape but it’s also because of salsa luncheon that taller women make
the volleyball team so they’re all paul slandered great shape that’s what looks
like they have the best pots system out there but ok anyway it back to the keys so have they get a couple of the reasons
why they will not do it at this can be bikinis for more conservative uh…
attire ad they say al bikinis i don’t see too many people
changing teaches own if you get down to it it’s about the sport and not worry
ring case overall in terms of political wives work and unless what i think people in town
and roller actually legitimately interested sport of course it proceeds donated their on fear and are enacting janet has seen it
was the u_s_ team member says we’re not uncomfortable in every scene
he’s growing up in southern california that’s what you wear from when your
little kid to now in the summertime what would be hilarious is it that bad me players were beatty’s with more people watch now i do is anybody’s ever watched bad
ministers of the controversy about how they were all through the years and you see what they’re wearing you
know it

52 thoughts on “Beach Volleyball Bikinis: Americans Will Keep Wearing Them At Olympics

  1. I am pretty sure that Ana has a better body than any of the pictured players. I don't get what's attractive about an athlete that looks half way towards emaciation. They have no breasts and no bums! They look good enough and I respect their physical prowess but I see a dozen tired looking women on the tube everyday with more attractive bodies. I guess it depends on how you define goodness when it comes to bodies.

  2. You failed at making your point, and I have Anas many comments over her time at TYT, and you have nothing but our posts here, so you fail. Dont try again, or do, I cant stop you from failing.

  3. Actually, for a swimmer, a bikini might not be the most practical thing because hydrodynamics is important so smoothing out the body is the most practical thing, therefore a suit that does so is best.
    Smoother curves. Think man, dont just keep you hot head hat on.
    What is practical is different for each sport.
    For baseball which is played in many more climates, a bathing suit would also not be practical.

  4. Your last line is irrelevent, you mean you dont own a team, so you have no incentive to force them to wear bikinis.

    The team owners or sport manager isnt forcing bikinis for their jollies, they are in it for the money. They force it for practicality.

    The spectators arent the ones forcing any bikini wearing, and I doubt many people watch the sport after an initial glance if they dont like it because those women, even in bikinis, dont have much in the way of bodies. Lots of muscle though.

  5. You're an idiot.

    Do you know why men are afriad to talk to women ? It's because they objectify them too much.

    Girls that are described 10/10 aren't talked to. Why ? Because they are seen as this incredibly beautiful thing that is impossible to talk to.

    Once dudes see women as women (no 10/10 or anything) then they won't be as sexually frustrated and you'd see less violence and rape.

  6. Is this how you communicate with people? You start by calling them idiots? I'd be glad to discuss this and have a conversation with you but don't think that because you're on the internet it's somehow okay to insult me in a way that you almost certianly wouldn't were we face to face. Not because I'd assault you but because it's not what civilised people do.

    I'm not going to get into a childish mud slinging match, nor will I address your rebuttal if that's how you communicate with people.

  7. The reason those regulations exist isn't for attractiveness though. Those regulations exist to protect the athlete's muscles and also flexibility (female tennis skirts offer more flexibility than male shorts and is lighter weight). It just so happens that they are skimpy, but that's just the way the body naturally conforms. If players can wear whatever they want, then trust me, more people would find ways to cheat and gain unfair advantages.

  8. look at the pole vaulter bodies, look at Alisson Stoke, Yelene Isinbayeva, Sielke Spiegelburg, etc… pole vaulters have awesome bodies

  9. Too muscular, though.

    In terms of the most chiseled bodies, I'd say sprinters. Why? Well you need a maximum strength to fat ratio (whereas if you were tempted to say weightlifting that would just require strength).

    But for hotness, probably beach volleyball.

  10. Amazing sport. I love both mens and womens volleyball. It certainly doesn't hurt that they have amazing bodies, but of course that applies to all sports.

  11. I still don't get why TYT doesn't understand the explanation behind why Muslim women cover themselves. Every time they bash it and Cenk just proves the point just like now.
    Ana:"It's about the sport and not what we're wearing."
    Cenk:"why do you think people watch the sport"
    Like how don't they get it that people just look at females for sexual reasons..they just say anything to think they're right

  12. Hmmm, Anna, that sounded a lot like you were calling John gay. :<
    Don't get me wrong, he can obviously watch it for the sport. But he's probably also enjoying their bodies.

  13. They're in great shape no question. But best bodies??? Got to disagree with Ana on that one. I prefer a woman with some curves.

  14. I agree. Ana is way hotter. Tall, slender Volleyball players are not attractive. It's all about the curves baby.

  15. Personally i don't really care about what they wear i don't even like sports so its not on my priority list to give a damn lol. But i was wondering why this was news worthy and i just said my comment because whats the big deal if they choose to wear it or not the news has better things to talk about.

  16. Beach volleyball is my fave olympic sport because of the bikinis hands down. If they made them stop wearing them, I will never watch. Would you? Be honest.

  17. "…would no longer require women's beach volleyball players to compete in bikinis" so anyone up for naked beach volleyball then?? 🙂

  18. no ass either… why and the hell do we have two volleyball games in the olympics anyway… the indoor women have better bodies

  19. Totally disagree about them having great bodies.
    Female elite athletes overall does not have very great bodies.

    Curves ftw

  20. That's not the way much of the media or the IOC played it. They even put sexy cheerleaders in swim wear there at the beach volleyball venue.

  21. Congratulations. You've made a banal observation about the cup size of athletes.

    Now turn off the computer and finish your homework.

  22. Im Australian and our girls wear them year round,and because no part of Australia is cold as california it just maks sense.

  23. Yes. Most people didn't get that. They all thought I was talking about some weight-problem. Thanks for clearing that up. ^^

    Bulimic* by the way. Sorry 'bout that.

  24. Typical women. "They have the best bodies", but most guys would prefer a higher bodyfat%.

    Also, there's the subjective view of "Oh beach volleyboll girls, hot!". Except, how many people make that statement having seen actual good pictures of more than 5 of them? I know I said it was hot without having seen more than snippets, and I just liked the snippets because you see women in bikinis, while watching sports! How often do women in sports have bikinis? How often are they on a beach in the sun?

  25. @scqmcet damn you guys using youtube as your wank bank. i basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like to show off on cam and want to hook up check this out

  26. No part of Australia is cold? Maybe that's true for the northern part of Australia but in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia it gets pretty cold. I live in Australia too and where I live it's wintry weather for 9-10 months of the year. Also, the only girls that wear bikinis year round are the ones in Queensland.

  27. why does it matter if they have a great bodies or not? what matter is that they play well and win us gold medals

  28. do not expect anyone to take beach volleyball seriously as a sport as long as they are wearing bikinis. Funny how women's swimming doesn't wear them……..

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