Beach Volleyball Approach Tips (AVOID THIS APPROACH MISTAKE!)

It’s important to have a consistent
strong approach every time you approach to hit. The common mistake I see is
when after a player passes a ball, they’re not getting to the right spot
to start the approach. This happens a lot when passing a ball from a deep area
of the court. So after you pass the ball, you need to get closer to the net so you
can approach to hit. Also, when playing the short ball, if you’re near the net
when you pass then be sure to back up so you can take a big approach to hit. If
you’re right-handed, finish your steps right left. If you’re left-handed, finish
your steps left right. So what’s most important is the last two steps. So if
you get served deep after you pass the ball, be sure to move quickly to get to
the right spot to start to approach. The approach to hit is usually about three
or four steps. Again if you’re right-handed, you’re finished right left
and if you’re left handed, you finishing left right. So when first learning to
hit, focus on the steps. So just focus on the last two steps first and practice
the footwork without a ball. You can create a drill where you practice the
entire sequence, so for example, you can practice and pretend like you’re passing the
deep ball then quickly move to the right spot to start your approach. Take an
approach and jump as if you’re going to hit. It’s important to do this over and
over again until you get comfortable with the movement. Once you get more
comfortable moving your feet, then you can try with a ball. So a common mistake I see is… So you
got these two players in serve receive. A lot of times if the player gets served
deep back here and they have to move back here to pass, they’ll end up just
passing the ball up here and then they’ll stay right here and they don’t
really move and so then their partner ended up setting them in the backcourt.
And what you want to do is you have to move back to pass deep. You
pass the ball deep and you push it up here and then as soon as you pass the
ball you’ve got to come up and get out here
ready to hit. So it’s really all about attacking in
the net. You want to attack at the net so you want to do the best you can to get
to the net to attack. And you don’t want to be starting your approach back here.
So as soon as you pass the ball you got to get to wherever you’re going to start
to approach you’re going to start here. Get there so you’re ready to hit. Then you can take your approach and hit the ball. Now if you get served short, you got to
do the same thing. You come in short you pass this ball. You pass this ball more
straight up. Pass it up high so your partner has time to get there. So you
pass it up high and then from here you back up and you get ready to take an approach. Your partner sets you. Take an approach and hit. A lot of times players, if
they pass short. what they do is they just pass this ball and get it up
and then they just stand here and they don’t take an approach. So then if
you don’t have an approach you can’t jump high and hit hard. So if you don’t take a full approach then you really can’t have a lot of options for
your hitting you’re gonna have to hit a shot. Now if you need some more help to
improve your hitting, watch my video that’s all about hitting with more
ball control. The link to watch it is in the description below and also in the cards
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