Baylor Baseball & Shriners Hospital

KNOCK OFF AS MUCH AS 610 DOLLARS. THE EXACT VALUES FOR THE TRADE-IN WILL VARY BASED ON YOUR CARRIER, STORAGE SIZE, AND CONDITION OF YOUR GADGET. GOOGLE IS ALSO GIVING DEALS FOR OTHER ANDROID DEVICES BAYLOR’S BASEBALL TEAM HAS BEEN OFF THIS WEEK FOR FINALS .. BUT TODAY … THEY GRABBED THEIR GLOVES FOR THE SHRINERS HOSPITAL … COLLEGE CLASSIC … WHERE KIDS OF ALL AGES … GOT THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY BASEBALL WITH THE BAYLOR BEARS. THE EVENT IS USUALLY HELD OUTSIDE .. BUT DUE TO THE WEATHER … THEY MOVED TO THE ALLISON INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY. THERE WERE MORE THAN 225 PARTICIPANTS FROM THE LITTLE LEAGUE CHALLENGER DIVISION … AND IT’S THE 10TH YEAR OF THE EVENT … THAT PROVIDES NCAA BASEBALL EXPERIENCE TO CHILDREN WITH PHYSICAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL CHALLENGES. :01-:08 :09-end Cody Bradford: Baseball’s incredible it offers opportunities for everyone whether it’s kids with disabilities or college baseball players I think God made a sport that people can bond with one another and feed off energy and it’s special humlbing when get play with kids when thta young all wanted to do was look up to somebody who was a college baseball player high school professional and geting to come and those kids hold you to that reguard now it’s awesome

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