Baylor Baseball Pre TCU

HEAR HIS NAME CALLED THIS EVENING… AND THE HOUSTON TEXANS HAVE JUST MADE THEIR FIRST ROUND SELECTION THE TEXANS ARE THOUGHT TO BE AFTER AN OFFENSIVE TACKLE… OR POSSIBLY A CORNERBACK LIKE LSU’S GREEDY WILLIAMS WHO IS STILL ON THE BOARD… SO WE’LL WAIT TO SEE WHAT THEY DO WITH THAT PICK NOT MUCH GOING ON IN DALLAS TONIGHT AT THE DRAFT BUT TOMORROW IN FORT WORTH WE HAVE A BIG POSTSEASON… THE BEARS COMING OFF THAT SERIES LOSS IN LUBBOCK LAST WEEKEND WHILE THE oklahoma STATE COWBOYS DRUMMED THE LONGHORNS PASSING BAYLOR IN THE BIG 12 STANDINGS… but the bears have three big 12 series LEFT STARTING TOMORROW IN FORT WORTH AND THEY STILL HAVE A THREE GAME SERIES IN STILLWATER… SO AS THEY SIT JUST A HALF GAME BACK OF THE POKES FOR THE CONFERENCE LEAD… THE MESSAGE IS SIMPLE, JUST WIN… 00-08 08-16 16-end Davis: “Yeah, it seems like everyone we play, comes out firing for us. I mean we’ve just got a target on our backs and we know it, so we’re just going to have to come out and do something special.” Steve: “Like I tell my kids sometimes. Being a part of a team sport is great, but sometimes so is Golf and Tennis where you know if you do well you’re going to have success. That’s kind of the great part about this, is knowing that we

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