Batting 1000 with Kevin Hart & Kourtney Kardashian

Okay, another amazing episode
of “What the Fit” is in the can. As usual,
after these episodes we give you guys tips
on what you can do at home. – How you can take physical
– Hey, watch that bat. Brother, I’m in the middle
of my speech. Finish up
and introduce your guest. Well, then let me say
my ( bleep ). Today, Kourtney said,
“I wanna join you guys. I’m here. I wanna embrace
everything. So let me do the workout
with you.” Which is why Kourtney Kardashian
is still here. Boss is gonna lead us both
through a fun little– – And we’re gonna use balls.
– What? What? – We’re gonna use two balls.
– You better watch
your goddamn mouth. You better watch your mouth. We’re gonna do
around the world lunge first. We’re gonna go back lunge
with the bat. – Uh-huh.
– Come back.
Excuse me, Kourtney. You’re, um,
you’re in my way. – Side lunge to a front lunge.
– Okay. – Uh-huh.
– Right there. I need y’all
to do five each side. – Here you go.
– Can I tell you this
before you do that? You ever play that game
in camp? You got the bat – and you gotta–
– No games played. Hold the bat out in front of
you, keep your core engaged. Keep your core tight.
I’m about to turn into– Brother, don’t you touch no
Kardashian woman like that! – Exactly. See this?
– You done lost your mind? – You all right? You okay?
– See? Hold the ( bleep ) right here
in front of you. I can handle myself. This man is crazy. I want y’all to look like
y’all synchronized swimmers. – Let’s go. Hit it.
– Backwards. – Side lunge.
– Then we do side lunge. – Ooh!
– Front lunge. Ooh! – Okay, back lunge.
– Back lunge. ( bleep ) look good.
I feel like a coach. There you go.
Kev, she look better than you. – ( bleep ).
– In the face. – ( bleep ).
– Hey, good job. – ( bleep ).
– Good job, good job, good job. – I like this.
It makes me feel good.
– Okay. – What else? That’s it.
What else?
– Let me see the bat. – That felt really good.
– Let me see the bat. Now we’re gonna do
a curtsy lunge. – Is that how you say it?
– Boss, can you just try – to do this one time?
– Curtsy. – Put your forehead on the bat.
– Kourtney: Curtsy lunge. – A curtsy lunge.
– And go around like this. We’re gonna do a curtsy lunge
right here. I’m not paying attention
to Kev. Right here. You can do this
in the living room, you can
do this in the bathroom, – you can do this
on an airplane.
– You can do it on an airplane. – On an airplane?
– Just want you to move. Okay? – All right?
I want you to do it.
– Curtsy. That’s gonna help you
build that bum. – That bottom.
– What? – Let’s go. Four.
– You’re going this one? Five each leg. We want you all
to do 12 at home, each leg. – Three sets.
– One, two, three. – And curtsy.
– There you go. – Come on, keep the core
together, guys.
– I’m sore today. – And… curtsy.
– Five each side. – And I don’t mind if I do.
– There you go. – Come on, Kev,
keep your core together.
– And you’re welcome. – Okay, five the other side.
– Okay, switch. – Yes, your majesty.
– Kev, you gotta really
get over. – Brother…
– You see the difference
between you and her? …I don’t like you behind me
when I do this. – I don’t wanna be behind you.
– Then go over there! Let me see the bat.
So now we’re gonna do some core. Right? Sit right here
on the floor. Kourtney, you don’t have to do
these ’cause you got on white. Right here with the bat for 12. – I got an out.
– You gotta– Yeah,
you don’t have to do this. We’re gonna do three sets of 12.
We’re gonna watch Kev do it. It’s gonna work your lower abs. ’cause Kev like
to take off his shirt. You about to go on vacation
in a few days. – Whoo! You know I’m walking.
– Hey, hey. – Sit your ass down.
– Walking on the beach – with a thong on. I’m sorry.
– Sit down. – Now. Okay? Please.
– All right. – Goddamn it.
– You let your trainer
treat you like that? Don’t be touching me like that
in front of Kourtney! – ( bleep )!
– One. Twelve. I want y’all to do
three sets of 12. If you’re a little bit more
advanced at home we can do three
sets of 20. – 12.
– Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. 12! – Just spin around–
– We’ll do that– We’ll do that on the way out.
We’ll do that on the way out. You just don’t wanna put
that big ass head on that bat and try to spin around.
You’re gonna get real dizzy. – I bet that.
– You’re the one who’s gonna
be dizzy when I knock you out. How ’bout that?
Okay, we’re gonna do overhead
high knees right here with the bat.
Right here, let’s go. – Kourtney, you can do these.
– Oh, gosh. – Let’s go. 30 seconds.
– Yes. Okay. Four sets at 30 seconds.
Let’s go. Ready, Kourtney?
High, high knees. – High knees.
– There you go.
We’re gonna do 20 seconds. 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, – Six, three, two.
– eleven, ten, nine, eight. – Yes!
– Good job, y’all. Just for ( bleep )
and giggles… – Nope.
– …spin around five times. If you do it first,
I’ll do it. – All right, ready?
– Ready? Five time spins. One– That’s not– That’s one. Two, three, four, five. – Come on.
– Watch out. ( laughs )
Kourtney. – Boss: You gonna do the spins.
– Kourtney: No, no. You gotta try to run after. Boss, do it one time. – I don’t know what kinda camp
you guys went to.
– You get dizzy. – Put your head on the bat,
– It is! Watch him try to run
after this. One more. – ( Kevin laughs )
– Hold up. This is a ( bleep )
big ass circle. Listen, another amazing episode
of “What the Fit” in the can. We wanna thank Kourtney
Kardashian for hanging out
with us today, embracing baseball,
highest level. My trainer Boss getting it done. You people at home, don’t just
watch this and not use it. Use it.
See you next week. – Bye.
– Thank y’all. This is Kevin Hart
and I’m about to blow your mind with a bunch of fit and funny. To see it all you gotta do
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  1. I bet Kourtney could take those bats in each of her holes, all the way to the knob at the end, with room to spare.

  2. Kevin says welcome to i dont lesen but in my opinion welcome to new episode of why is this in my recpmeneded

  3. Что за блёвань?! Луше бы шкуру нагрузили, хоть бы на неё посмотрел.

  4. "You let your trainer treat you like that?" Ya, he should be an intern, that way you dont have to pay them.

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