Basic Stance in Table Tennis

Hi, I am Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today we are going to talk about
your basic stance in table tennis. It is really important to start to use
your legs as well as your arms and back… when you are playing a game of table tennis. Your legs are probably the most
important muscles that you use. So, to start with, if I am standing there
completely straight, with my legs straight… it is going to be really
difficult to play table tennis,… because it is very difficult, firstly,
to move and to balance yourself. If I have got my feet close together and
I just tilt over a little bit this way… you will see that straight away I am unbalanced. And, similarly, if I go across the other way
I am going to unbalance myself. How can I combat that? One easy way is to start with
your feet a little bit further apart. If you got your feet further apart,
then you have got much more stability. I can go all the way over here and
I am still remaining balanced. The same over this way. So, that will add a lot of stability
to your sideways movement. The other thing that you can now do
is to start to bend your knees. By bending your knees you are starting
to engage your muscles in your legs… and be able to move as well. So, this also gains you
more stability sideways… but it also gains you some
stability forwards and backwards. Let’s just have a look at that. So, if I got my legs straight,
now if I tilt forward a little bit… I am going to unbalance myself. Or, if I tilt backwards,
I am going to unbalance myself. Now, with my knees bent,… I can move forward a little bit
and I am still balanced… and I can move backwards a little bit
and I am still balanced. So, this becomes a really good
basic stance to play table tennis. So, feet nice and wide apart,
knees bent down nice and low,… and crouched over in a nice, compact position. So, now you got your basic stance,
you are in the ready-position,… you are looking like a table tennis player,… go to and
learn how to play your strokes.

25 thoughts on “Basic Stance in Table Tennis

  1. I generally tell people to have their feet 2 shoulder widths apart. The most common problem is people not having their feet wide enough. Of course you can't take this too far. If you try and do the splits, you won't be able to move very well. 🙂

  2. My coach always stresses that my left leg should be much closer to the table than my right leg. Is this really that important?

  3. If you're right handed then yes, having your left foot slightly in front of your right foot is standard. It shouldn't be MUCH more forward. Maybe the heel of your left foot is aligned with the middle of your left foot's arch.
    This helps a little with forward/backward balance but it also is a position that favors a strong FH attack (which is what most players want). This position allows you to get maximum power from hip/shoulder rotation when doing a FH.

  4. If your feet is lined up with your shoulders then you will tend to play a more passive game. If your feet are lined up together then you tend to have a game that favors backhands.
    A wider foot spread allows you to quickly move and also to attack lower balls.
    A left foot slightly in front of the right foot means you want to play a very strong forehand game (you will be a player who tends to step around and using a forehand shot from the BH side).

  5. My coaches told me to stand feet apart, knees bent and have your back bent a bit forward, that will help your side steps to get to a ball(also jumps if you play like that), your ability to reposition into the middle, and to hit the ball lower due to your body being lower.

  6. hi there….one of my friend easily attacks my service in such a flat manner that I hardly have time to recover and to counter it though Many others find my serve most Spinny and tough one. as i have seen several videos like top players too serves bit higher than the net and is good serve…why nt mine???? Will u please help me Out????? especially my forehand pendulum sidespin serve both long and short. thank you.

  7. Ya I just am back from club and m glad I have overcome it even my back hand topspin down the line to his forehand surprised him after my short backhand backspin serve….but I prefer forehand back spin n will let u know further…thanks

  8. Alois or jeff plumb Id like to ask u this question

    Do u need to have both of your feet VERTICALLY like a line together? or do u need to position your self

    For example im right handed

    So would i need to tilt my right foot just a little bit back and have my left foot just a tiny bit in front?

  9. I'm right handed, but I tend to play right foot forward, left foot back, and hit mostly backhands. Is that going to be detrimental in the long run?

  10. 0:36 ..I actually do that on purpose BUT rather than cross legs.. drop the knee ball side to fake out my opponents shot direction in their thought process

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