6 thoughts on “Basic Excel Business Analytics #69: Monte Carlo Simulation for Baseball World Series

  1. Mr. Girvin, I wonder if you have worked on the Excel Model designed by Wayne L. Winston in his book Mathletics printed in 2009. In his model he uses the function @risk to project the batting average of some baseball players. Unfortunately, to use the @risk function you have to buy the program that cost $2,000. If you have seen it, what changes would you do to bypass the use of the @risk function? Thank you for your interesting models shown in the Business Analytics series.

  2. Hi Mike,

    First off I love your videos, thanks for all you do. I did have a question. At around 2:43 in the video you are trying to determine either a zero or one to signify whether the A's won or lost the game based on a random number generated compared to the probability that the A's would win the game.

    It seems as though the 0 and 1 in the formula should be switched since RAND()>A17 would mean you are checking to see if the random probability is greater than the probability they would win.

    Could you please clarify this?


  3. Man, you are the best conveyer of knowledge ive ever heard; you help me a lot to complement excel skills with economy studies

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