Baseball|Tailgating|Best Tailgate Games|Ultimate Frisbee|Nascar Tailgating|Ultimate Frisbee Disc-Off describes how to play a new tailgating
big game. It’s described as a tossing game where you
fling a Frisbee to whack a bottle off your opponent’s pole to score various points. The poles are 40 to 50 feet spaced out with
the bottle positioned on top. A direct hit on the bottle gets you five points,
a pole hit is three points, and a skipper off the ground is three points. Your opponent can’t hinder your Frisbee, but
they can do a one-handed grab to steal the bottle and
points you’ve scored. If you want to compete in teams, the players
can rotate and take turns throwing the Frisbee. The first team with 15 points wins. “It’s harder than it looks and can be made
easier by moving the poles closer together,” Disc-Off said. The game is available online at It can be ordered in team colors and with
team lettering. “We’re looking to start a tournament series
but haven’t yet identified the right venue. So if someone has ideas, let us hear from
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