BASEBALL: Yale Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, a sunny day
in Charlottesville. And set for at least 18
innings of Virginia baseball on a gorgeous day on grounds. It is our genuine
pleasure to welcome you, for the first time,
ever, officially, to Disharoon Park, the
newly named home of Virginia baseball. Swing and a miss, strike three. Exactly what Casey needed,
blows a fastball by Wanger. The 1-2. Hit hard, right side, and
through for a base hit. The Bulldogs are going to get
on the board to start the game. DeGraw comes in to score. Throw goes to second. 2-2 pitch. Swing and a miss, strike three. So Casey strikes out the side. 1-2 pitch. Swing and a miss. Sets him down on strikes. And Derek Casey has
recorded all four outs by way of the strikeout today. Have a 1-2. Swing, and a line drive
down the left field line, sinking in a hurry. That’s a fair ball. Cody’s going to come home
to score, and we are tied. As Tappen is in, standing
up at second base. Grounds one, right side. That is through for a base hit. Around third is
Ruddy, and he’s going to come towards the plate. Throw is cut off, but
it’s 3 to 1, Yale. Leading the team in runs
batted in last season. Comer, a snap throw
down to third, and kicks off the baserunner,
and into left field. Run’s going to
come home to score. 2-2 pitch. Swing and a miss, strike three. Derek Casey has his eighth
strikeout of the ballgame. And a 1-2 from Casey. Called, strike three. Make it 11 strikeouts
for Derek Casey. And a called strike three. So Derek Casey matches
his career high. Back-to-back weekends in
which he has struck out 12. Sets down DeGraw. His 2-1 pitch. Chopped toward short. Charging in, comes Whiteman. Only play is at first, and
the run comes home to score. The 0-1. Grounded right side. That’s going to
bring a run home. Fielded by the second
baseman, Stiegler. Boies on to first. RBI for Caleb Knight. Line, fair ball. Tie game. Weber home, to score from third. Eikhoff is in at second
base, a big turn. But he will be content
there, with an RBI double. Virginia 4, Yale 4. Line drive, center field. That ball is down and
in for a base hit. And Virginia has walked
it off in game one. Cody, the hero. His RBI single has
put Virginia in front for the first time in the game. And it ends the game.

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