BASEBALL: Wake Forest Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, there was some
good news yesterday as Virginia locked up a spot
in the upcoming ACC Baseball Championship, but today
Virginia looks to bounce back from last night’s defeat. Hi again, folks. Welcome back to
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where UVA and Wake Forest
get set for game number two. Weber swings and
drives one to right, that ball’s well tagged,
back towards the wall, and that ball is gone. Off of the right
field scoreboard, Andy Weber has Virginia’s
first home run of the weekend, and he knocked that
one well out of here. 1-0 pitch. Fastball lifted to left
field, well tagged. Lanzilli turns, looks,
that ball was gone. Second home run of the
inning for Virginia, as it’s Alex Tappen
joining the parade. Virginia’s got a 3-0 lead. Waits on a 2-2 pitch
from Morgan McSweeney. And the sophomore
looks to second, deals. Slider grounded up the middle
and through for a base hit. Got one middle of the
plate, did not miss it, and Virginia has a 4-0 lead. Eikhoff is in to score. And the 1-0 pitch. Breaking ball lifted to left,
slicing towards the corner, racing towards the
line goes Lanzilli. Reaches up, but
he can’t catch it. That ball lands in
safely behind him, and Weber is in, standing
up at second base. And McSweeney deals,
swinging a ground ball towards second base, diving
stop by the second baseman, has only one play at first. Gets it there in time, on
a nice pick from Mueller. He’s to the wall
and Jack Weiller has his first career
home run, for the Wahoos, some big-time insurance
here at the top of the ninth as Weiller rounds the bases
on his first career long ball. Pitch to Eikhoff
round the right side. That is through for a base hit,
past the diving first baseman, Seymour, and into right field. Home from third to
score is Morris. Right behind him is
McCarthy, and how about Nate Eikhoff breaking
it wide open with another base hit, his third of the night. The 0-1, slider again,
bounced towards third and past the diving third baseman, Aiello
and down towards the corner. Cruising in to score is Eikhoff. Fastball line to left
field, a base hit. A link off the
bench gets it done. In the score from
third is Comer. They will hold up
Knight at third base. An opposite field base hit, and
Virginia has a six-run inning. And the pitch. Breaking ball rip to right
field, that’s well tagged. That ball back to the wall,
and that ball is gone! How about a two-home-run
inning for Jack Weiller! He entered the inning
without a career home run and now he’s got two of them,
the latest a three-run shot into the trees beyond
the right field wall. And Weiller, my goodness. What an inning this
has been for the Hoos, and what an inning
for that young man. As an RBI grounds one out
toward short, Morris handles it. He will toss on the first,
and the ball game is over. And fittingly, the baseball ends
in the hands of Jack Weiller. A two-homer ninth
inning for him, and how about Virginia’s
offense tonight. 15 runs on 14 hits to even
up the series in style, with a 15 to 3 win
tonight in Winston-Salem.

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