BASEBALL – Wagner Game 2 Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] waits on deck. The pitch. Breaking ball
chopped right side. Clement charges
in, backhands it. Flips to second for one relay. Onto first in time
for the double play. Just what the doctor ordered. Wagner does score first,
but there are now two outs. The 1-1 pitch, swung on,
chopped up the middle. This could get him
out of the inning. Pinero fields, steps on
second, throws onto first in time for the double play. 6 to 3 as Danny dances around
the oncoming base runner and, just like that, the bases
loaded, one out jam is averted. 3-0 pitch, swung on, hit high
in the air towards right field. Racing back on it,
Ruta, towards the wall. He leaps, and that ball is gone. A 2-run homer for Pavin Smith,
into the right field bleachers, to give Virginia the lead
for the first time today. That ball was hit a mile high. Righty wears no batting gloves. The pitch from
Rosenberger, swung on and sky toward center field. That’ll chase back
Haseley, long run. Adam, over the shoulder, and
he makes an incredible catch as he trots onto
the warning track. 0-1 pitch, swung on, lifted
toward left center field. That’ll settle in
for a base hit, and bring home Virginia’s
fifth run of the day. Haseley into second base,
and he’ll stop right there with an RBI double. 2-1 pitch, swung on,
fisted back up the middle. Bradley bounced towards
Pinero, flips to Clement, jumps and throws onto first
in time for the double play, and have added on a
couple of runs since. Pitch is swung on and
lifted towards left field. That’ll chase back Godino,
and he turns and looks, and that ball is long gone. Clears the Hoo Zone,
into the trees, and Cam Simmons connects for
his second career home run. That ball was obliterated. And the 1-1. Eikhoff swings, lines it up
the middle with a base hit. That should score another run. Pinero heads home. Racing towards third
base is Karstetter. And sliding in safely at
second base with an RBI double is Nate Eikhoff. Virginia has responded in
a big way– 3 runs home in the inning, 12 to 7 Wahoos. Set at the belt, the pitch. Swung on, tapped
back up the middle. Could be two. Pinero has it, steps on the bag. Fires to first in
time for the out. It goes 6 to 3 on
the double play. Two gone here in the 8th inning. And 1-2, swing, line
drive left center field. Another base hit. The beat goes on. It’s a big-time
inning for Virginia. Home to score. This could clear the bases. Haseley is in. Clement is in. Gerstenmaier scores, and the
Wahoos are pouring it on. Pitch is swung on, grounded
left side of the infield. This could do it. Picked by Eikhoff, throws onto
first, and Virginia wins it. It was a monstrous output by
the offense tonight– 20 runs and 20 hits. The Wahoos take it
by a 20 to 7 final to sweep this midweek
set with Wagner.

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