Baseball vs Skidmore 5-8

Ryan McLaughlin: This team’s really a family. Special
place, special school, special field. CJ Picerni: You know great group of guys you know I’m thankful for everything out here. Adrian Spitz: Truly blessed to be able to
represent NYU. Lucky to have my brothers right here. Jacob Bader: The opportunity play for NYU is something that most people don’t get Jacob: experience and I think coach Kimbler and the rest of his staff and the school have given me the oppoortunity Jacob: to play for this great school and represent it. Sy Cohen: It’s been really memerable. I had a great time last couple of years being part of NYU. Ryan: We’re a young team still coming up still making
a lot of mistakes but we showed a lot of Ryan: promise this year and I can’t wait to
see where it takes us next year. Doug Kimbler: We’re starting to develop a little bit of killer instinct as we go. And we’ll make sure that next year we set Doug: more goals for ourselves and make sure we do the things more right when it Doug: comes to our on field push ups. you

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