BASEBALL: VMI Highlights

A little bit of
revenge on the mind today in a rematch of a week ago
at Davenport Field as Virginia and VMI face off. We’re already in the second time
in this young 2018 campaign. Lefty against lefty match up. And he grounds a breaking ball. Left side and through
for a base hit. Virginia’s on the board first. McCarthy’s is in to score. Right kind him is Richardson
and it’s 2-0 Hoos. Knight at second,
Eikhoff at first. Finding the left center
field pretty well tagged. Dunlevy racing over. He’s not going to get there. That ball rolls to the wall. One run is home as
Knight is in to score. Right behind him
is Eikhoff and it is a two out, two RBI
double for Charlie Cody. 1-1. Shot left side and up over the
head of the third baseman, Jay, in the left field. Here comes Cody around
to score, 5-0 Hoos. 2-2 from Evan. Line to right center field. That’s going to get
down for a base hit. And that’s going to get
the Keydets on the board. Caleb Knight drives one to left
on a line towards the corner and that ball is gone! A three run shot
for Caleb Knight. He clears the yellow line,
and the Hoos keep on rolling. Took a game at South
Carolina the weekend before as Knight chops
it up the middle. That will get the run home. The only question is, will
he beat it out at first? He cannot. But, Caleb does get his
fourth RBI on the day. This one looked at
the right center. That’s going to get
down and do some damage. And one run is home easily
as Maddox scores from third. Fleischer’s right behind him. Here comes the third
runner trying to score. The ball pops free. Nutley, New Jersey. Breaking ball drilled to left. Back towards the
corner goes Cody. And he turns and looks. And that ball is gone. 1-0. Live right field,
charging and tapping, as the play [INAUDIBLE] and
the Keydets are within one. 1,2 pitch. Swing and a miss, strike three. Got them with the breaking ball. Now the 1, 2. Right there for a
called strike three. Drops in the breaking
ball and the Hoos have held off for a wild 10-9
win to split the season series.

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