BASEBALL: Virginia vs. TCU

[MUSIC PLAYING] Swing and a miss. He went off-speed. Watson is out on strikes. That’s the first
career strikeout. Ground ball, left side. This could be two. Fielded by Gelof. To second. There’s one. Double-clutch from
Dragum, but still gets rid of it quickly enough
to roll up the double play. Pickoff play at first base. And they got him. Chopper toward short. Morris has to play
back to field it. He will spin it. Throw to first. Got it there just in time. Rivoli. Swing and a ball
lined up the middle. That is going to get
through for a base hit! Home from third is Gelof. Right behind him is Morris. He will score. And it’s a 7 to 3 ball game. Just what Virginia needed. A little bloop
shot towards third. Morris, a diving catch. Almost a jarring look. Ground ball off
the bat of Simmons. That is through for a base hit. Right back through the box. And now gets past the center
fielder and keeps on rolling. Hamrock around third. He’s going to come in to score. Simmons will cruise
into third base.

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