BASEBALL: Virginia vs. No. 2 Vanderbilt Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CRACK OF THE BAT] That one sawed into right field. That’s plenty good
to bring Gelof home. And Virginia cuts the
Vanderbilt lead in a half. [CRACK OF THE BAT] Barreled up but into
center field, plenty deep. Bring home the tying run
and move up the other. [CRACK OF THE BAT] First pitch swinging
into right center field. A run comes home and
it’s a one run game. That one shot to the third
base side, stepping on third and throwing for first. [MUSIC PLAYING] Leading things off. Gelof shoots one down
the line in right field! The kid can hit, Jim Callas! What are his scores? Sullivan’s at second or
third, rounding third. 13-8. [MUSIC PLAYING] That one’s grounded
to the left side. Tough play. It’s short, but it is made. Strike out of Patrick DeMarco
ends the top of the 9th. Vanderbilt opens the season with
a 15-9 victory over Virginia.

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