BASEBALL: Virginia vs. Cal State Fullerton Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Knorr deals. Off-speed lined towards
second, and caught by the second baseman LoForte. Throws back to first,
and he threw it away. Virginia is going to
get a gift of a run here, as Morris will
come in to score. Murdock back to work. Here’s the 1-2. Swing and a miss, strike 3. Pitch from Knorr. Bounced it in. This one pushed up
the first baseline, and a run’s going to
come home to score. Comer in from third base. It’s 2-0, ‘Hoos. Here’s the 3-1 pitch. Swing, and the ball lifted
out towards center field. That’ll get the job done. Starting in, now drifting
back goes Berryhill. He makes the catch. The throw goes towards
third, and it’s a sacrifice fly for Zach Gelof,
who claps his hands as he comes off the field. He has made it 3-0, Virginia. 1-0 pitch grounded
up the middle. That is going to get
through for a base hit. Around third, headed
home comes Kent. He’s going to score, and
Virginia’s got a 4-0 lead. Now the 2-1. Ground ball, right side. Eikhoff will field, spin,
throw to second for one. Morris back to first in time. Double play. Now the 1-0 to Weiller. Swings and skies it,
shallow left field. Rivoli from third. Do they test it? Yes, they will. Here he comes. The throw Lyon is cut
off, and Virginia’s got a big-time insurance run. The pitch skied to center field. Simmons started drifting back. Now racing back. Reaches over the shoulder
and makes the catch. Now the 2-2 pitch from Abbott. Popped him up left side. Richardson coming
in towards the line. Makes the catch. Runner tags from third. Here’s the throw. Gelof, relay to the plate. And they– no,
they call him safe! [? –the ?] [? payoff. ?]
Ground ball left side. Gelof evades the runner. Morris fields and has no play. An infield chopper slowly hit
that will score the go-ahead run for Cal State Fullerton. 2-1. Popped him up. Center field
Berryhill coming in. He’s under, and he
makes the catch. The Titans and Cal
State Fullerton have come from behind to
win this thing by a 6 to 5 final score.

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