BASEBALL – Virginia Tech Game 1 Highlights

-Scheetz sets, deals. Smith swings and loops it
out toward center field. Jenco shading his eyes
from sun, coming in to make the catch
above his head. He’ll fire towards the plate. That throw is
going to be cut off in the middle of the diamond. And it’s 1-0 Virginia. -It’s now Clement, who’s 1 for 1
with a single and a run scored. Grounds it left side
and there’s a base hit. Virginia’s right back in front
as Ernie Clement– first pitch swinging- he’s 2 for 2. And it’s 2-1 Wahoos with Charlie
Cody scoring from third base. -Lefty deals– swing and a
ball roped into right field, a base hit. Home, from third is Cam Simmons. They wave home Ernie Clement. He come in– here
comes the throw. There is no relay and Virginia
tacks on a couple more runs. Two RBIs and the base hit
to right field Matt Thaiss. -Now the 2-2 from Jones–
swing and miss, strike three. He got him with the slider,
and that is out number two. Jones’ second strikeout of the
night and that is a big one. -Ready at the belt, Jones deals. Swing and a miss, strike three. Connor Jones, back
to the slider. Leaves the bases
loaded and back-to-back Ks to get through the frame. -Out of his routine–
now the 1-2 pitch. Swing and a ball chopped
right side, could be two. Clement fields–
to second for one. Pinero flips on to first–
just what the doctor ordered. It goes 4-6-3. -Simmons swings and skies
one, deep to left field, towards the corner. That ball is way
back, and it’s gone. Cam Simmons connects for his
fourth home run of the season– first pitch swinging. He gives the Hoos a little
bit of breathing room. The tenth hit of the night
for the Hoos leaves the yard. As Cam Simmons makes
it 5-3 Virginia. -The 1-1 pitch– Thaiss
swings and drills it. That ball is crushed! Long gone. Passed the bleachers. And Thaiss, with his ninth
home run of the year. That was gone in a hurry. 7-3 Hoos. As Novak scores in front of him. Good grief! On to the track. -Left-hander ready,
here’s the pitch. Swing and a ball grounded up the
middle– long run for Pinero. He can’t– no, he does get it! Fires to second base! Are you kidding me? How in the world
did he get that? -And the 1-1– swing and a
ball hit sharply toward short– past the diving shortstop,
Tufts into left field. They wave around Haseley. He comes towards the plate. The throw is airmailed
over the catcher’s head. And in to score is Haseley. RBI single for Cam Simmons. -The 1-2 from Doherty. And here it is– swing
and miss strike three. Hudson down for the first
out here in the ninth. -Doherty into the wind
up, here’s the 3-2 pitch. Swing and a miss, strike three. And the Hoos have taken the
opener from the rival Hokies. 8-3, your final
tonight, as Virginia celebrates in the
middle of the diamond.

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