BASEBALL: Virginia Tech 5/17/19

[MUSIC PLAYING] – He swings and cranks
one deep left field. Rivoli on the run. Kiss it goodbye. Big home run for Nick
Biddison, and the Hokies are on the board in the
bottom of the second. Sends it to deep center. Simmons near the track. And it is gone! A home run! 10th home run of the
year for Terry Carpenter. Could be two. Bobbled there, and no throw. But the lead is cut in half. Rivoli will get the RBI. And he does. All tied up at 2-2, and Nic Kent
will get the RBI and the walk. Into right. Carpenter didn’t play it well. It’s over his glove. Virginia will take the
lead and then some. Two runs score on the
double, and now it’s 4-2. High fly. The merging Thomas, and
Seagears makes the catch. Tagging is Kent. He scores to make it 5-2. There it is. Third straight 1-2-3 inning. 11 in a row retired
by Harrington. We’re to the 8th. It’s 5-2. Another 1-2. In the air to short, and another
diving play made by Morris. Hokies led off the
inning with a double, but Tanner Morris snatching
souls up the middle, and that is it for
the eighth inning. Lefty, a slight
bend of the knees. The pitch, breaking ball
swung on and missed. And Virginia will
take the series. Cavaliers, in come-from-behind
fashion today to take it 5-3. And how sweet it is, with
head coach Brian O’Connor winning his 700th
game with the Hoos, and he does so in a
series-claiming victory against the rival
Virginia Tech Hokies.

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