BASEBALL: Villanova Game 2

[MUSIC PLAYING] Tap left side. Morris– this is going
to be a tough play– hustles it over to first. Diving stop by Gelof at third. Back to his feet. Quick release. How about the freshman? Morris swings and
skies one to right. That chases back Bruno. Warning track, wall, tie game! Tanner Morris does it himself. 1-1. Line shot left center
field into the gap. Down for a base hit. Rotondo hustling
over to cut it off. Rivoli wants two, and
he’s in there safely. The 1-2. Ground ball right side. Through for a base hit. Here comes Rivoli. The throw off the glove of the
cut-off man, and not in time. Rivoli slides in
safely, and Nate Eikhoff delivering the go-ahead
RBI single with one out here in the eighth. Grounded left side. Diving stop by the shortstop. No chance at first,
and throws it away. Two down, to Rotondo. Fast ball right there. Called strike 3. The pitch from Abbott. Swing and a miss. Strike 3. Virginia sweeps
the double-header.

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