BASEBALL: Villanova Game 1

[MUSIC PLAYING] Swing and a miss. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s a called strike three. [MUSIC PLAYING] Swing and a miss. Strike three. McGarry makes it three in a row,
and he’s got nine for the game. Two on. Driven to left. And I mean driven! Rotondo turns and watches. And that ball is long gone. Off the back railing
of the bleachers and off into the trees
for a three-run shot. And, indeed, Cam Simmons
has broken this thing open. And eight in the order
came to the plate. This one is driven to left. That ball’s got a chance. Rotondo back again. And that ball is gone! Alex Tappen makes it
another one for Virginia. [MUSIC PLAYING] Swing and a miss. Strike three. From Holland, Pennsylvania. Skies one to center field. Simmons back, couple of
steps, makes the catch. And the Hoos claim the opener. So Donahue shuts the door. Virginia, thanks to
that man, Cam Simmons, whose three-run homer
highlights a series-opening win.

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