[MUSIC PLAYING] [SOUND EFFECTS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Skies this one to right. Back on it, turning, looking,
Richardson, that ball is gone. Liam Hibbits has done
it again for the Rams. A two-run homer in the ninth
inning against Virginia when these teams met
a couple of weeks ago. And how about a
two-run blast here in the first in the rematch? [INAUDIBLE] goes from first. Pitch misses upstairs. Throw to second base. Runner caught in a run down. And they’re going to tag him
out at– no, safe at first. Now, they eventually
get the toe. But the run will count. –but you haven’t started
your momentum back. Oh, the first the
third bunt play. And that’s a beauty. Fielded pitcher, Chenier. And just in time at
first base for the out. What a beautiful sacrifice
from Logan Michaels as Virginia back within 1. 1-2 pitch. Swinging a line drive, left
center field, base hit. Home from third, Rivoli. Here comes the go ahead and run. And Gelof, he is in the score. And Virginia has
jumped in front, a two RBI single
for Cam Simmons. 2-1 pitch. Lifted to center,
should be plenty deep. There’s Brown getting
underneath it. Tag from third from
[INAUDIBLE],, Throw goes back into third base. Virginia 5, VCU 3. Ground ball, left side. Right through the legs
of the shortstop, Witt. Throw from Henson, not in time. Throw to second base. That’s it time. And Michaels is thrown
out to end the inning. But the run does count. And it’s a four-run
sixth for UVA. And lines a breaking
ball to right field. That’s in for a base hit
in front of Schroeder. Throw goes to second
base, not in time, as Morris trots home
from third base. Base hit to right
field for Vay attacking the first pitch he sees. Henson is in to score. Right behind, Puglielli
diving across the plate. VCU back within 2. Lifted to left center. Long run for Rivoli into a dive. And he made the catch. Throw is going to be cut off. Run comes home to
score from third base, sacrifice fly for
Jack Schroeder. And what a play from
Brendan Rivoli out in left. 0-2. Ground ball, base hit left side. Simmons up with it
in center field. No, he’s going to drop it. And the tying run
comes in to score. Hunter Vay is across on the
RBI single for Brett Norwood. And here in the eighth, the
Rams, with four runs home have drawn even. Great numbers again this year. Hard hit but on
the ground at Witt, as we’ve seen from him tonight. [INAUDIBLE] throws
it into the seats. Logan Michaels and Virginia
catch a huge break right here. [INAUDIBLE] in the seventh. Richardson grounds
one up the middle. And that’s through
for a base hit! Here comes Michaels. He’s going to come in and score. And Virginia’s
right back in front. Just like that, the error
does come back to bite. At Virginia’s regained the lead. It’s Cayman Richarson
coming through. Now sitting in the drivers
seat with a 1-2 count. Stairs down Puglielli at first. And strike three called. Cavaliers close out
the home slate in style with a wild victory tonight,
a season sweep of VCU. And how about the
fifth year senior? Riley Wilson saves
his best for last. [SOUND EFFECTS]

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