Baseball: USC Upstate vs Jacksonville Highlights Game 3 5-11-14

Matt Smith: “…shaky defense on both sides.” Michael Keel: “Yeah, shaky defense. Some mental errors.” Matt: “Oh, and Babb waves at that breaking
ball, Weber’s going to throw it around and there’s the first out of the day. Good start.” “Richie away from first and that is it for
the Dolphins. Two runs on two hits…” “And Gibson waves, Weber will have to fire
to first and he does so Parker limits the damage. Two…” Michael: “…RBI total this year and put some
runs on the board for Upstate.” Matt: This ball lifted into right center,
that’s going to fall and they’re going to send Weber. Ball is cut off and Weber slides home, USC
Upstate is on the board.” Michael: “And credit Luke Weber, he just continued
to motor around the bases, that was…” Matt: “So, Russel to Allen and there’s a shot
to left center and that will bring home another USC Upstate run. Give Allen an RBI and a brilliant piece of
hitting. There was a hole on the left side and, of
course, he hit it right at the shortstop but probably 12 or 15 feet in the air..” “…again,
just the importance of this game to both teams and there’s a great pitch from Parker, freezing
Babb. Breaking ball.” “And Richie swings through that one and Miller
gets his first strikeout, second out of the inning.” Michael: “Good job…” Matt: “…but you can see the potential. As a matter of fact, I think Jacksonville
is going to be a very good team next season and here we go. We got a play at second base and Rowe is erased. Another good throw from Luke Weber, this one
on a hop.” “Fastball, driven to left, deep, gone. Two-run homer, A.J. Mackey.” Michael: “Mackey just turned on that one,
I mean that left the bat in a hurry and got out of the park in a hurry. A.J. Mackey, one of these seniors, in his last
few moments here at Harley Park doing his part to be able to drive in two runs here,
close the gap there just a little bit.” Matt: “…not only do you get better at shortstop
with Amendalore, you get better at third because Shaw gets to play his natural position. What a play out there from Erik Samples! Diving snag and that helps Mitchell…” “…he’s
some athletes and here’s Daniel Seeba now. This ball gets away and I think Dowling’s
going to score, he will, standing up. So on the wild pitch by Gordon after some
good defense from Amendalore, after all of that, Dowling is going to score on a wild
pitch.” “…after Woods. And this ball just nubbed back to the mound,
Lawrence can’t handle it. Does he have a play? He does not.” “…Lesch. And this ball roped into right field, it’s
going to be caught but that should be enough to score the run and it will. Justin Allen scoots across the plate with
the seventh Upstate run.” Michael: “…season play if you do win this
game.” Matt: And Siefert asked to bunt, he looks
at strike three so he’s been unable to come through twice now and that’s the first out
of the inning.”

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