Baseball: Upstate vs. Charlotte Highlights 4-3-13

Foul, Richardson chases it over toward
the fence. Reaches behind his head and makes the play. Trey Richardson, he’s been solid offensively as well which is why he occupies the 3 slot and prove it again. Dumps one inside the line in right field. That’s going to score Gather Bumgarner. Gives the Spartans the lead and he may dig for 3. Less will in the throw will get him down at 3rd base, but it will go in the books. Heres 1 driven high and deep to left this
1 is going to be gone. Its a home run! 6th of the year for Trey Richardson. And as fast as they claims the lead he doubles it. Its not 2 nothing, Upstate. Off the long ball off the bat its Trey Richardson and Richardson continues to show his power. Night in and night out and if you have
concerns about how healthy he is. Around Charlotte, here’s the 2-2. Called strike 3 on the outside corner. First offering to Tyler Miller. Miller taps it right up the middle and though. Thats going to scour at least 1 run. They’re gonna send in the trailing
runner the throw home will be cut off and 2 more Spartan runs. Have an advantage of 4 is the payoff pitch delivered to Bumgarner. Grounded, through the right tough side I
should say. Between short and 3rd coming home to score is Miller. I tell you this is a pretty important series of bats for both these teams. completing the strike out by throwing
down to 1st base. Ryan has a chance to have his
fingerprints on another he will. Solid base knock over the head of the 2nd baseman and
falling safely into right field for a RBI Bumgarner. Swing and a Miss
strike 3. Cox takes care of the pinch hitter. 2 outs away from completing it himself. Hears the 2-2 swung on a miss strike 3 Colleen on 3rd. Railey on 1st in Charlotte trying to break up the shutout of Chris Cox and here’s a liner
into right. Miller has it and the ball game is over.
Chris Cox pitches a complete game shutout for the
Upstate Spartans. They win it by a score of 6 to 0. Jason: Chris Cox goes the distance leading the Upstate Spartans to a 6-0 victory. A complete game shutout. You had to be
feeling pretty good out there on the mound tonight? Chris: Yes sir. First off I want to give all the glory to God and grateful for the opportunity to come out here and pitch tonight. You know I feel like I underachieved so far this year so. I was glad I was able to step up tonight. Jason: Chris you stuck out 4 but more often than not tonight you’re trusting the defense behind you. Whats it like to have this group of guys
playing behind you? Chris: Its great. I love these guys. There great teammates. Great guys off the field and we’re real, real close. They had my back tonight and I appreciate that. Jason: You do a lot of work in relief. Also some starting. How did you approach tonight coming in knowing that they’re were going to need a lot innings out of you to keep everybody ready for the weekend? Chris: Well I’m a senior and my backs up against the wall. I haven’t thrown like I’ve wanted to this year like I said earlier and so. I feel like I needed to come out here and step up for my team and I did that tonight. Jason: We wish you guys the best at Lipscomb this weekend. Chris: Yes Sir, I appreciate it thanks. Jason: Chris Cox the main reason this team picked up their 4th win in a row here at Harley Park tonight. Jason: Coach your team picked up their 17th win on the season and I guess 4 in a row now. You can call that a streak. Coach: ((Laughing)) I guess. Yeah we’ve done some things right the last few days so. You know I was as real pleased with the effort. You know the past two days particularly. Jason: Chris Cox goes the distance for you. That’s got to be huge to keep everybody rested for the weekend series? Coach: You know i’m happy for Chris. You know he’s been here for better part of 2 years and you know he’s been
plugging away at it and you know hopefully the kind of night he will remember forever so. You know I wanted him to finish that game badly and he got it done. We’re real pleased for him and Im sure everybody else is too. Jason: Gather Bumgarner starting to come to life for you too. He played a nice center field. Then was very effective at the plate. Coach: Yeah I mean he’s obviously an important player on our team when you can do a lot of different things and you know he showed that tonight. And so you know hopefully I’ll just be
able to continue to play to his level. You know I thought maybe he got off to a little slow start this year and now he seems to be coming around so. That would be something that could
really help us. Jason: Coach this game marked the middle point of the season for your
club. How do you assess their progress at the
middle portion of the season? Coach: Well I mean at least right now were on an uptick. You know right now we started out well and you know we had a little slide
there that you know I didn’t think we needed to have. I you know we’re we’re or any you know
we’re doing some good things we’ve got a chance to get better. Hopefully we’re going in the right direction and you know it’s gonna play out the string so to speak and see where you know where we stand and you know how much
better can we get. I think we can improve from here then we have a chance
to have a very good season. So you know time will tell. Jason: Your expectations in your communication to the team going into the Lipscomb series this weekend. Coach: Well you know obviously it’s important weekend you know. We’re not where we want to be in
the Conference standings right now. You know we’ve never played particularly well in Nashville be at Lipscomb or Belmont so it is always
a tough trip for us. You know but hopefully our starting
pitchers will give us a good effort and you know the guys will continue swing the
bat the way they have last couple days. And you know things that things can go
our way. I mean you know looking forward to going up there and seeing what we can do. Jason: Thanks Coach, Congratulations on the win tonight. Coach: Thanks I appreciate it. Jason: You can follow every pitch to the road trip at Spartans keep the train moving with a 6-0 victory against Charlotte.

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