BASEBALL – UNC Game 1 Highlights

Carolina blue lettering
and numbers, white pants. Pitch is swung on,
and missed, and Jones has his first strike out to
open up the evening’s ball game. Setting down Brian Miller. He’d asked for help, pitch
is swung on a grounder, back to the mound,
knocked down by Jones. Connor drops over,
flips to first, in time for the out to strand
a couple of them in and scoring position. And a pitch. Swinging a ball lifted
out towards right field. That you get the job done. Charging back. Simmons now coming
in to make the catch. He will fire towards the plate. That one comes
through all the way! They got him at the plate! No, he dropped the baseball! It popped free, and now rolls
into the Carolina dug out. It was in plenty of
time, and the ball was knocked free by the
oncoming base runner. It’ll be an 0-2 to
Ryan Karstetter. Gahagan delivers. Swing and a ball, hits
sharply toward second. That’ll get the run home,
down to [INAUDIBLE] field, and Sutherland throws on to
first, and a great two strike adjustment by Ryan
Karstetter to bring home Pavin Smith from third. In a words advice, I’ve
caught him at least 100 times. Pitch is swung on roped right
side, through for a base hit, up putting it right
field, comes Riley. They wave the runner home. Here comes the throw. It comes through on a
couple of hops, not in time. Novak slides in safely. We are tied at two on the
RBI single from that Dice. Against the lefty
Eikoff, here’s the pitch. Swung online, up the middle. There’s a base hit
for Nate Eikoff. Virginia’s got the lead. Home from third is Clement. Right behind him comes Dice. They will wave
Smith around third. He comes in and he will score! Nate Eikoff has cleared
the bases with a triple here in the third inning. Virginia’s got four runs home. And the Wahoos have sprung
in front with a 5-2 lead. There goes the runner. Pitch is swung on,
grounded right side. Over to dive is Clement. He comes up with it. Throws to first, in
time for the out. What a play from Ernie Clement. Two nothing in the third
inning, in Atlanta. This one lined up the
middle. [INAUDIBLE] Clement. He makes the catch,
spins and throws back to first in time
for the double play! Ernie shaded up the middle,
snags the sinking liner, flips on back to Pavin. The pitch. Swing and a ball,
chopped towards third, picked there by the third
baseman, he drops it! Tries to tag the
runner at third base. Everybody’s safe! Virginia 6, North
Carolina three. One one. Swinging a chopper right
side, over to play it there is Sutherland. He’ll go to second for one. That’s all they’ll get. Another run comes home. Gerstenmaier crosses the plate. And Virginia leads 7-3. It’s going to be a 2-1 pitch,
as Doherty into the windup. Swung online towards center
field, Haseley coming in. And he makes the catch waist
high for out number two. Tommy set at the
belt. Here it is. Called strike three. Ball in the dirt, Dice picks
it up, throws on to first, and that’ll do it. Virginia takes the opener 7-4. The Wahoos celebrate taking
down UNC and getting back to 500 in ACC play. Virginia seven, UNC
four, our final score.

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