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hey guys let’s talk about DoublePlay
depth you’re already gonna signal to the coach you know what’s going on that
you’ve really done this at a high level so basically from the second baseman
position we will want to take two towards the batter and two towards the
bag ok that’s your normal DoublePlay quote-unquote DoublePlay depth for the
shortstop it can be pretty much similar to the same unless you see one of your
buddies you know and he’s dead pull, he’s never hit a ball to right for him his
life well then you would stay up but you would shift more over so let’s talk
about starting to double play from second base there’s three main flips the
one that’s closed less than 10 feet I’m gonna want to push with my left and I
want to take my glove away and go open hand so it’s easy to see the next one is
more than 10 feet I’m gonna want to catch and with my left foot down and
push and then I’m gonna take it like almost like a tricep extension I’m gonna
have this ball here and I’m gonna flick and follow my throw you can make that
throw 40 feet not a problem we’ve had taught our 13 year-olds how to do it
from 40 feet away they’re not gonna do it standing and flaut doing this and
it’s not a wave it’s basically a staff bow and fall it that way it’s very fast
very efficient and very quick okay and you should be able to be a 100 out of
100 ok so that’s a big one and and you’ll get one it’s one right actually
just boom and it’s out of your glove the third one is it’s too far away to beat
the ball and come with the backhand is I’m gonna have to actually throw and
there’s a couple different ways there’s the action already open here or your
setup straight you just basically twist the hips and some guys feel good come in
3/4 some guys feel good come inside on whatever feels comfortable and the
fourth one is it’s one your left you can’t the balls beating to the spot
you’re gonna catch with your left foot but your knee bent this is what problems
some kids will won’t bend their knees and so then they’re trying to reach this
way instead of getting down with it here plant with my right and then make a hard
throw because more than likely that’s a on out play anyway you’re probably not
gonna turn two on it so you just want to make sure to get a good strike to second
base okay so let’s talk about shortstop
there’s basically three feeds two on this so you have the one moving to your
left it’s no different than the second base the only difference is now I’m
pushing off my right foot and I’m going to clear and still clear my hands out so
I don’t hide the ball from my middle infielder I’m pulling my glove out and
I’m falling my throw open hand okay the next one John is when I’m coming over on
beat the ball the spot I’m going to want to basically open my hips up and I’m
gonna come in here and I’m gonna get low notes out I’m an old man but I can get
low right here boom this is how I’m gonna get this low and I can let my foot
come up if I want to and there’s times you can get even get low here and just
stay down behind it whatever you feel comfortable with doing you can’t a lot
of us feel comfortable coming here and let them fly up and go but again we
don’t want to stand up and then drop down that defeats the purpose we want to
get the ball out fast we want to catch it a hair on the right side and bam I
can get rid of it the other one is the longer throw so I’m going away to my
right and now it’s basically here and now I’m coming up 3/4 you notice I’m not
standing ever straight up that takes too long so I’m gonna stay here
boom 3/4 and feed this way

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