Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Spitball

First of all it’s important to note that the
spitball is an illegal pitch. Any pitch that places a foreign substance on the ball or
defaces the ball or scratches it in any way is an illegal pitch, and the player is subject
to ejection if he is caught placing a foreign substance or marking up the ball in any way.
But the basic way to throw a spitter is you place a foreign substance on the ball whether
it be spittle from the mouth, Vaseline that you’ve put on the bill of the cap, or an emery
board that you’ve hidden in your back pocket. All of those can be used to deface the ball
to create a spot on the ball that makes it heavier on one side and creates odd movement.
But I’d like to again note, that a spitball is an illegal pitch.

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  1. copy and paste
    2.send to 2 other videos
    3.hold your breath for 10 seconds

  2. That never stopped Gaylord Perry. And he's in the Hall of Fame. And admitted to using the spitter. DURING HIS CAREER. (note: for those of you unfamiliar with Gaylord Perry, he was born after the last legal spitball was thrown in the majors)

  3. you can use spit but there are other products like KY Jelly, Vaseline, Water based hair gell, sweat, i think pine tar will work etc just get the ball wet

  4. How does a spitball actually help a pitcher throw a breaking ball? When the ball is spit and wet it becomes slippery making it HARDER to spin the ball while throwing it to make it break. THe spitball has no advantage for pitchers. It makes them have a disadvantage.

  5. @tatomuck18 thats why you put the spit(or vaseline or whatever) on a certain spot on the ball so that its not where your hand is when you throw it.. it makes the ball off-balanced and can give it some weird breaks

  6. @tatomuck18 thats why you put the spit(or vaseline or whatever) on a certain spot on the ball so that its not where your hand is when you throw it.. it makes the ball off-balanced and can give it some weird breaks

  7. Why is everyone bitching about him talking about the spitball? Oh, it's illegal? Well, shit. I hope my cousins and friends don't get mad at me when we are playing at in the backyard. Just because he is talking about it doesn't mean that you can't try it out. Now, in an official game, no. Well, technically you can, but you might get caught. You're all imbeciles.

  8. hahaha! This guy has NO IDEA how a spitball is thrown. He repeats absolute nonsense that the substance unbalances the ball somehow. Folks, listen up: Wet on top (middle & index fingers), dry on the bottom (thumb); hold no seams & throw like a fastball and squirt like a watermelon seed. The ball should come out with little or no spin. It moves because it's basically a knuckleball (and thrown at fastball velocity, no less).

    It was not banned because it is dangerous. Carl Mays was NOT throwing a spitball when he hit Ray Chapman in the head–that's just bad writers looking to overdramatize a sad event. It was banned because it IS HARD TO HIT, and the owners figured out that offense sells tickets (see DH). Think about it, if it's such an easy cheat, then why were only one in ten pitchers making their living with it when it was banned? It's a difficult pitch to throw correctly, and if it spins too much, it's a BP fastball and is usually hit off the wall.

    There is so much ignorance about this pitch, and this video proves it! It's a skill, not a cheat, but it was banned because it's hard to hit. Go out and fool around with it–it's a hoot!~ The ball will do things that you just can't not believe.

  9. oh so you spit on the ball and throw it….oh now I get it. Forward to 46 seconds in the video for the best part of the video….the ending….

  10. All these people asking how to throw a spitball… There is no spitball 'pitch' dummies. A spitball is any pitch that has been altered by a substance. You wanna know how to throw something that behaves like a spit? Learn the forkball, splitter, or split fb.

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