Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Sinker

The sinker is a pitch that basically breaks
down and usually into the batter if you’re a right handed pitcher and it’s a right handed
batter. The way that a sinker is accomplished, it’s basically a two seam fastball grip, the
largest on your hand is the finger that is on top, and at about the twelve o’ clock position
when you release the ball. The spin and your fingers turning on the inside of the ball
creates a rotation, it makes the ball sink down, and into the right handed batter if
you’re a right handed pitcher or down into the left handed batter if you’re a left handed
pitcher. And that’s the sinker.

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  1. ok im working on my sinker and i cant do the lat part when u flick ur wrist on the inside of the ball,but cant u just bring ur wrist straight down instead?

  2. I think the thumb position on the bottom of the ball is important. It needs to be between the seems on the bottom of the ball. It's also important to keep your hand on top of the ball so as not to "Cut" the ball. If you are practicing this pitch, you shouldn't feel a lot of strain on your wrist. If you do, you are doing something wrong. The key to this pitch is that it is easy for young pitchers to throw and does not put a lot of stress on the wrist and does not require a lot of velocity.

  3. copy and paste
    2.send to 2 other videos
    3.hold your breath for 10 seconds

  4. no… a curveball is an upward sinker wile a slider is a changeup wit fastball action. a sinker is just essentially a knuckleball wit less spin

  5. mayne u don evan no wut yoor takin aboot… wait i did make wun mistayke: a curve is a screwball but wit a lil knuck acshun sorrry fore tha errer

  6. i kan spell fiyn. miy inglish is grayte but yoor mayinj a feeu spelinj errerz. im gud at tha baseball two, and i luv da beech boyz

  7. @saltothemacchia
    pretty much all pitching is hard on the arm..(elbow)..especially when ur trying to put heat on it like everyone does..

  8. lol that pitch was slow and alittle low but if he led that up just a little bit higher any good basbeall player could get under it and smash it outa there.

  9. guys! there is a tutorial on my channel for the sinker and I'm pretty sure it's 100% accurate but all comments and tips are highly appreciated!

  10. umm is it just me or does every pitch in all his vids wen it switches to the cather view …look the same.. haha

  11. this is like when someone says they can throw a sinker and they just chuck the ball in the air and it drops

  12. at least at his age he is outside doing something instead of being cooped up inside like most people gotta give him props for that

  13. "a sinker is a pitch that breaks down and into the batter"
    Timeout isnt dat wat a screw ball does???????????
    I could have sworn sinkers gradually fall from a high point to a low point in a quicker movement than a forkball dat just drops

  14. They reuse the "demonstation" for every video, look closely and you will see it is the exact same every time

  15. i have my fingers on both seams and when release i just rotate my wrist to the right and go down and it goes up and then sinks really low

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