Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Hit a Home Run

The question is asked, how do you hit a home
run? Well there’s no stock easy answer for how to hit a home run, but basically, the
batter has to become so proficient that he can hit the ball with a certain amount of
backspin for a great long distance. Most fields, full sized baseball fields, are anywhere from
three hundred feet down the lines to as much as four hundred plus feet in center field.
So the ball needs to be struck far enough and hard enough that the ball clears without
touching the ground, the distance between where the ball is struck at home plate, all
the way to a point further than the outfield fence. A home run can be also achieve what’s
called an end of the park home run where a ball is hit to a place on the field and the
runner is fast enough that he can completely circle the bases and score before the defensive
players can get the ball and throw it back in and retire him or get him out. But basically
to hit a home run, you need to work for years on your game to get your swing fundamentally
correct to the point that you could hit it a great long distance. And that’s going to
be three hundred to four hundred plus feet depending on the size field you’re playing
on. So how to hit a home run? Do your homework, work hard on your swing, learn how to hit
the ball with a little bit of backspin and a great deal of power, and if you can hit
the ball over the outfield fence, then you know how to hit a home run.

86 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Hit a Home Run

  1. You said it right once, then messed up! To hit a home run you have ti hit it hard.
    Back spin is for tennis players that want their opponant to CHARGE the net. Why…? Because all the energy is spent.
    BACKSPIN=Homerun… lmao(and pee'd a bit)

  2. Have you seen a batter hit the ball DEAD center with no spin and make it over the fence? I have many times. To hit a homerun you must hit the ball hard in the same GLIDESCOPE in came to you in. Backspin/topspin/no spin is actually not a crucial factor what-so-ever.

  3. i think the greatest example is pujols, I mean his swing is perfect, and he's always said he doesnt TRY to hit homeruns, he tries to hit line drives, but his technique is so perfect he ends up hittin like 40 hrs a year.
    and no i'm not even a cardinals fan, I just appreciate a good player

  4. copy and paste
    2.send to 2 other videos
    3.hold your breath for 10 seconds

  5. you really dont try to hit a home run….it just happens……….. just try to get the ball in play

  6. u think it takes practice to hit a homerun or score a touchdown u think it takes skill to make a basket ? well learn reality bitch u think u could 360 a 10 stair on a bmx bike without fuckin skill !

  7. This is the Stupidist shit On Youtube ! Where did they find this Crusty ass Idiot ? A Damned Russian Knows what a Homerun IS !

  8. you would know that he just gave the definition of a home run? Good for you, most 6 year olds know what a home run is.

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and btw, thats greatt, I hit a ball 300 feet and im 12(:

  9. @noahmcdx ehhhhhhh ive hit the err nvm but i had a lucky day and i know that cause i also wasnt using a big barrell so i was just lucky im not that good xD

  10. @imirish34 It was not 400 feet. Im sorry but thats impossible. A little league barrel isn't even capable of that.

  11. What a windbag. He gave no information on how to hit a homerun. "You hit a homerun by hitting the ball over the wall". What a brilliant guy!

  12. ok, well in another video you have i saw the same of your team, which is the Old Timers. Thats probably the gayest name even though it fits your standards. Second, its pretty much impossible to hit a ball with "backspin" every single time. I'm a freshman on varsity at a D1 high school and nobody is that good, not even my coach that is now in the Astros Organization.

  13. That sucked! " to hit a homerun hit it over the fence." u said u wer an "expert."

  14. What a useless video. We know what a homerun is ya old man……we want to know how to get the right backspin every time.

  15. It;s impossible to TEACH someone how to hit a homerun because all homeruns are mistakes. A homerun is usually hit when you get under the ball too much and it carries.

  16. @imirish34 of course u did. kids are so retarted these days thinking that its the type of bat u use gets u homeruns… its how u use the bat

  17. people there is no correct way of hitting a home run it's just about how good ur reflexes and strength nothing more nothing less!!

  18. Theres are no tricks or tips here. You'd think it would be, how to consistantly gemerate backspin on the ball, instead its well to hit a hometun you got to hit it over the fence, really? I did not know that!

  19. man this old man is retarded how bout swing level and hard and swing through the ball. easy as that :3

  20. U guys need to stop calling him old. He's probably played longer than us and peoples body wears out!! Half of y'all r liaing!!

  21. I thought this old man was going to teach me by his experience how to hit a homerun, the step by step mechanic, no way. Instead he gave us a 1st grade explanation. No good at all.

  22. umm this is for if you just started baseball recently…. anyone who has been playing baseball for a long enough time should know this alreadu

  23. Nice video. He did not show ud or tell us how to. He was just explaining how hard it is ti hit. A ritle can deceice

  24. Oh yeah I've also just started this is my first season and went over the fence all of the times I've t
    Hit me

  25. 😬 if I hit a homerun my dad will buy me a skywalker and tomorrow's my last chance think I can do it???😬😯😏

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