Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Cork a Bat

The question is asked, how to cork a baseball
bat? That would be very important for me to note in this point in time that corking a
baseball bat makes the bat illegal. The rules of baseball state that if you use a wooden
bat it has to be a wood stick that is of one piece. When you start to put cork in the bat,
that suddenly makes it a two piece bat, and it is illegal. But if you’re determined to
cork your baseball bat, this is how you do it. Basically you drill a hole in the end
of the bat that is the same size as the cork that you’re going to replace the core of this
bat with. The misconception in corking a bat is that it makes the ball go further, it actually
does not. It reduces the mass. What it does do is make the bat extremely light and a great
deal lighter than it was, and it allows the player to have more bat speed and perhaps
that’s what makes the ball go further. But keep in mind, before you go corking your bat,
you can drill it out and you could put cork in it, but if you play at a regular game whether
if it’s in an official capacity, you’re using an illegal bat because corking is an illegal
action for baseball. But that’s how you cork a baseball bat.

84 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Cork a Bat

  1. ur an idot according to high school baseball rules you are allowed to use either a wood or a aluminum bat. so enough with the sarcastic responses dipshit.

  2. his name is mickey dumbass…so if u were planning on making a funny alliteration u failed miserably… second a lot of people cork their bats to practice… it makes it way easier to hit the ball one handed if you are doing drills… so enough with the insults

  3. It's also illegal to steal a car and have cops chase you down the highway… but there are plenty of videos of that, too.

    It should be illegal to be as much of a douchebag as you so clearly are. Even worse, an illiterate douchebag, who can't even type out a name correctly when it's written *twice* in the video description.

  4. if you cork the bat it hits ALOT worse hahahah Gl doing it its dosent work like rubber its fucking asorbing the power noob … + you get suspendet -.- because its illegal AND YES ITS TRUE MYTHBUSTERS HAVE CHEKET IT IDIOTS !

  5. wow that was sooo hard lucky i watched this
    I wouldnt know what to do hahaha
    um put a hole in it then put the cork in hahaha

  6. dude stfu bout the Yankees they are way better then any other team out there and they don't cheat so why don't you go take your Yankee hating ass and go kill your self

  7. Sorry bulldog23 but seems to me I read their best player has been taking steroids since high school. So the Yanks do cheat.

  8. Well he tells you not to cork it, but it does not mean you can't use it just dont use it during a game. Use it for BP its not a game till the first pitch of the game anyways. You can't compare corking to drugs it just shows how ignorant on here you cant compare a substance to wood. As far as roids go they saved baseball and put asses in seats. There is no one else to blame but Bud Selig for not doing anything about it till now. Same people that hate roids hate the DH part of baseball.

  9. what a shame i was expecting Sammy Sosa to teach this. Also, you gotta put tennis balls inside a hollowed out metal bat.

  10. With the information given I could easily cork one. I don't need a step by step lesson.
    1. Drill
    2. Insert cork
    3. Cover up the opening in the end of the bat.
    Pretty simple.

  11. Haha I laughed at that too, basically teaching you how to cheat.

    "Up next, here's how to take steroids…"

  12. thats complete bullshit
    the mythbusters are cool and do some neat stuff
    the idea of a corked bat is to get a lighter bat with still good mass and a good pop off the barrel

  13. I don't think Sosa got the idea from the internet lol

    Corking bats has been around for YEARS… And 'they' can post this on youtube because ANYONE can post on YouTube.

  14. Mythbusters used a Machine to test the theory, and that fails. When you cork a bat you will be able to swing it faster (listen to the video at 0:45 – 0:55) . The machine they used swung the corked and uncorked bat at the same speed. Baseball players would swing the corked bat with more bat speed.

  15. don't cork a bat, just buy a "361 wood" . the maple is rock hard. i own one, and that bat is a beast.

  16. Corking a bat is making it tube like giving it more flex so the balls are hit furhter. Same concept as a softball bat and the tube like composite structure of the bat. This idiot didn't even no why corking a bat makes a ball go further.

  17. @lesliekwan80 You wouldn't just use a lighter bat because a lighter bat = a smaller bat, a smaller bat = a smaller sweet spot, therefore giving you less room to make solid contact.

    go back to the kitchen.

  18. Is it legal to bore the bat out, but leave the cut-out chamber empty? That is, can you remove part of the bat, close off the end, and leave the hallowed part empty, and still have a legal bat?

  19. Fuck this steroid bullshit–I want a smalltime beer league for baseball that gets shown on any fucking network (perhaps ComCentral?) where spitballs, scuffing, corked bats, and booze are required.

  20. Please keep in mind that armed robbery is illegal. However if you are set on it let me show you how to hold the gun and threaten the cashier…

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