Baseball Tips : Baseball Tips: Fielding Ground Balls

Hi, my name is Steve Hughes. I want to go
over some basic fundamentals of fielding a ground ball, positioning with your hands,
positioning with your feet, and let’s get started. First of all, to get; to put yourself
in a position to field a ground ball, you want your feet about shoulder length apart,
although, with some people with longer legs, you may want to go a little bit longer; a
little bit wider, but for the basic, basically, you want to be about shoulder length apart
to field your ground ball. Now, to get into your position, you want to bend at the knees,
squat down to a position, here, with your glove out in front. Most of the time, you
want to have your glove to your left-hand side of your knee, here, instead of off to
the right to where the ball can actually go by you. You always want to keep the ball right
directly in front of you. So, if the ball does get by you, it can come up and you can
block the ball with your chest or your body; keep the ball in front of you. Good position,
here, hands out in front, your right hand; basically you want to be right here, so when
you catch the ball, you’re in this position, here, with your hands out front, and this
hand here. So, this hand can be ready to, ready to take the ball out of the glove, come
up. It’s a good fielding and throwing position. That’s real basic, and that, that should;
should help you in fielding some ground balls.

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