Baseball Takes Round 2: Kade Mechals Post Game (GCU vs UTRGV)

(strike hitting glove) – [Interviewer] Kade, you
started with that walk to lead off the game on four
pitch, and then you seemed to find yourself quickly. – Yeah, that first inning, the
first four pitches actually, I was kinda slipping a
little bit on the mound. Just made an adjustment to
move to the third base side. My foot wasn’t slipping,
and I was just able to pound the zone. – [Interviewer] That sixth inning was probably the turning point of the game. You load the bases with one
out, just guts from there? – I just wanted to get out of that inning. I just wanted to get out with zero runs and just do it for our
team, and get a win. – [Interviewer] From
facing these guys earlier in the season, did you
draw anything from that? Change strategy with… – [Kade] Yeah, I watched
the game last night, just getting a little
extra scouting report. There was a couple guys in
particular that we wanted to attack in a certain way,
and we did a really good job of executing that. – [Interviewer] You guys got
pretty excited out there. What was was being said when
you guys gather after two wins? – Let’s go. (laughing)
We’re just really excited. We want to win this tournament so bad, so we just gotta take
it one game at a time, and we gotta get it tomorrow.

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