Baseball Takes Round 2: Coach Stankiewicz Post Game (GCU vs UTRGV)

(crowd cheering) – [Interviewer] How bout
the gutty performance that Cade gave out there? Especially in that 6th inning. – Well, he’s been doin
it all year, really has, I mean it’s amazing. He’s just got a feel, he’s got a good feel for pitches and he can
mix em up, and he’s really confident whether it’s
a fastball, change-up or breaking ball. But yeah, it takes, it
takes courage, it takes fight and we’ve seen it since day one. Man ya just, talking
about getting out of jams, right, ya just pitched
great and he pitched out of some tough jams,
made some great pitches when he had to, and so,
no man it was a gutsy performance like you said. – [Interviewer] That’s
deeper than he’s ever gone. What are your thoughts
once he’s goin over 100? – His pitch count was movin up pretty good and so we felt like,
okay, it’s probably time, you know, at this point. I mean the offense, you
know, did a great job of givin us a little bit of wiggle room, obviously, and so, nah it’s a great team performance, I think, all the way around. We made some great plays. Cody made a great play
(mumbles) one inning down the line. I’m just, I’m proud of the way we played these first two. We know we have along way
to go, right, we still obviously it’s a long
ways in front of us still so, but certainly a good start. – [Interviewer] Did you
feel a momentum shift cause the hitting clicked right after Cage got you out of that? – Yeah, no doubt. I do believe baseball is a momentum game, and that was a huge jam
that he got us out of it and everybody got excited in the dugout and we were still okay. And let’s just put some
better at bats together, let’s just kinda settle down a little bit and get some good pitches and the offense responded really well. And so, nah, it definitely we felt a good momentum shift
after that big inning. That shutdown. – [Interviewer] How
about maybe not the usual suspect, Bully’s been
rakin it the last couple days, Pikai’s bounced
back from being down. – Yeah, I told Bull I’m gonna start callin him P-Rose. You know, Bullet’s
kinda and old school guy and I said I want you to be Pete Rose. I want you to stay on yer legs and use the middle of the field, stay on the baseball and I don’t know, I’m
gonna keep callin him Pete for the rest of the weekend
I can tell you that.

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