Baseball Swing Mechanics : Following Through on a Baseball Swing

Now in previous segments we’ve talked about
getting into the box, getting yourself ready, getting your timing, actually hitting the
ball, which is the most important, making contact. What are we going to talk about now,
we’re going to talk about the follow through. So we’ve talked about getting to here, getting
to here. We’ve talked about this range, where your bat’s from here to here. Well what do
you do from here on? So, we’re going to go like this, you make your contact, you need
to drive through. Now you want to continue your natural motion and finish high. Now it
doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference, if, once you’re to this point if you let go
or if once you get to this point you keep both hands on it. It’s more of a personal
preference. Once the ball has actually left the bat, you’re going to have, obviously have
very little determination on where the ball is going to go. So it’s more just a personal
feeling, what do you feel comfortable with. So, typical follow through is, here I make
contact, right through right there. As you can see, I’m still balanced. As we talked
about earlier, I’m not falling out this way where I made my swing and that’s my follow
through. I didn’t pigeon hole myself and fall over this way. Very simple, boom, here I make
contact, I drive through, finish high still on balance and that’s your follow through.

2 thoughts on “Baseball Swing Mechanics : Following Through on a Baseball Swing

  1. It really doesn't matter if you keep both hands on the bat or not… It really depends on the hitter… If he has trouble getting through the ball and getting extension with both hands on the bat then that person might want to try the top hand release… It really depends… There is no right or wrong.

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