Baseball Statistics & Tips : How to Mentally Prepare for a Baseball Game

Hi my name is Jamie Cevallas I’m going to
discuss today how to mentally prepare for a baseball game. And what I see players do
often times is they want to listen to music before a game and they want to pump themselves
up and then they go and they have a double header and they are tired out by the time
the game begins. Basically baseball is a very slow game, it’s more a game that is characterized
by a lot of down time with a little bit of important moments sprinkled in. So you need
to mentally prepare in a proper way. I would advise you not to listen to music, I would
advise you to relax as much as you can. Joke around with your fellows ok. This will really
help you relax for a baseball game it’s something I didn’t do in the beginning very often. It
is good to joke with your friends, laugh, make fun of them, let them make fun of you,
hey it’s a way to relax. Ok so it’s a very important method of getting ready for a game.
Ok another way to relax is if you are more of a person who likes to stay within themselves,
ok a great way to relax is simply relax your heart beat, get in a relaxed state and visualize
yourself hitting the ball the way that you want to hit the ball during the game. And
that is an art. Visualization is something that you do need to work on. So I recommend
you visualize yourself hitting the ball the way that you want to hit it, hitting the ball
far, hitting the ball hard and even rounding the bases. Hear the crowd cheering, also something
that you may not hear from a lot of people you do want to visualize yourself failing
and visualize yourself reacting positively to that failure. That’s very important too.
We are all going to fail and you have to be ready for that as well. So visualize the good,
visualize the bad, but most important visualize your response to whatever happens and make
it a positive one. My name is Jamie Cevallas and this is preparing for a game in the mental

7 thoughts on “Baseball Statistics & Tips : How to Mentally Prepare for a Baseball Game

  1. i was gonna say visualizing, im from toronto and i like to think of jose bautista just LAUNCHING one and i imagine me doing it, usually works, baseball is a game of faliure's though even if you do feel good that day, there will be some rough ones.

  2. Don't listen to music? Visualize failure? Are you kidding. All positive self talk never say I can or doubt your abilities. Thumps down on this video.

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