Baseball Statistics & Tips : How to Calculate a Batting Average

Hi my name is Jamie Cevallas otherwise known
as the swing mechanic. I’m going to be discussing today how to calculate batting averages. And
it’s pretty simple. The only thing you have to do is divide your number of bats into the
number of your hits. Ok and that’s any hit, whether it be a double, triple, home run.
You don’t count errors. Ok. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about, a little bit more
of an important statistic that I feel should be used more often today and that is on base
percentage. And it looks very complicated here, but it’s actually quite simple. It’s
just your number of hits plus your walks, plus your hit by pitch and divide that by
the number of at bats, your walks, your hits, hits by pitches and your sacrifice flies.
Ok and that’s going to give you your on base percentage. Ok another important one is slugging
percentage. Ok and that’s looks again, it looks difficult but it’s very simple. You
simply add your singles plus your doubles plus your triples plus your home runs and
divide it by your at bats. Ok. So the most important stat in the measure of a player’s
worth is the modern day ops, which is on base percentage plus slugging ok. And that is the
most important offensive stat, that’s very simple. You simply add on base percentage
plus slugging percentage. And that’s ops. My name is Jamie Cevellas and this is how
you get your offensive stats.

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