Baseball stadiums get 5G upgrades for enhanced spectator experience

in time for the 2019 KBO season baseball
stadiums here in South Korea are being fitted with cutting-edge ICT and 5g
technologies to take fans closer to the action than have ever been before
Eamonn son with more an unmanned robotic arm is throwing the first pitch for a
local baseball team’s first home game of the season at another stadium
augmented-reality sends a dragon flying over the field Tech is more than a
gimmick though it’s giving baseball fans new ways to watch with the advances in
FISA technology this baseball stadium has added 54 cameras to capture
important moments of the game from multiple angles and provide in-depth
analysis ultra high-definition cameras provide simultaneous feed through 5g
networks which enable viewers to watch the game from different angles using
this mobile app viewers at home and at the stadium can replay key highlights
from the game and zoom in for a closer look a person sitting in the first
baseline can enjoy the view from the third-base seat or directly in front of
the pitcher’s mound and even take a peek at the dugout cameras track and analyze
the movement of the ball and players with motion tracking software the first
of its kind in Asia it provides detailed information such as the flight course
air time and velocity of balls hit into play
I like how I can use the app to watch from different viewpoints and re-watch
run-scoring plays and home runs in addition to enhancing the viewer
experience new only installed finders gauges measure the air quality in
different sections of the stadium and sprinkle artificial rain to Lowell find
those levels the biggest advantage of using 5g in sports is the fans can enjoy
baseball in a way they have never before up until now people will watch broadcast
games but with our service they can control what they want to see more
baseball teams around the country are planning to implement 5g
to enhance the spectator experience at their ballparks and to also provide more
sports related content immense on Arirang news

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