Baseball Signs 5

Hey everyone. How you liking my hats?
I only have three so don’t worry for you non Red Sox fans, which I don’t know why you wouldn’t
be! So anyways we are getting down on the baseball videos To ask someone what the score of the game was you are
going to start with the topic which is the score So you are going to spell score. S-
a fist, C, O, R-so twisted, E Some people sign it like this, others sign it more opened. Whatever is more
comfortable for you. You don’t want it strained and get hurt or anything. So Score S C O R E then What. This
is the sign for WHAT. You can do one handed or two and you want to make sure your eyebrows are lowered.
Sorry I have my hat on, you’re not supposed to wear anything, but I got to be in the baseball spirit. Lowered
eyebrows if you can see mine. Score, What To ask someone if they won you are
going to take your non-dominant hand and win/won. Open hand into a closed into an S. To ask someone if
they won you would sign WIN YOU you want to lean forward a bit, raise the eyebrows, sorry about the hat lean forward a bit. To ask who won? This is the sign for WHO make sure your eyebrows are
down. Who you have an L and wiggling Who…Who… or you can do “who won who” Ok? So those are the signs for today and I have one more video of
baseball signs for you. Practice those and I will see you tomorrow

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