Baseball Signs: 3

Hello fellow signers. More baseball signs today.
Today we are going to do single, double, triple, hit, homerun, bunch of stuff if this video so we are going to get our learn on, are you ready?
So for single which means you just get to first base Just like how we learned with the bases you want to picture a
baseball diamond and all you do is point to first base. with your index finger making it a one. For double you
are going to point to second base with a 2 double. And triple is with a 3 pointing to third. So single, one finger. Double, Triple. So the sign for hit. You are going to take your non-dominant hand.
I am a righty so my left hand is my non-dominant hand. Hit….Hit….. so 2 index fingers and hit. ok? So for homerun, this is an initialized sign so you need
an H and put your right hand on your left shoulder Homerun. Homerun. Homerun. And the last sign for today is Grandslam Grandslam means that 4 people got home. Bases were
loaded and everyone got home including the hitter. So that’s four people. Start with your palm facing out and scoop in. Grandslam Whoooo ok? So we have Single, double, triple, hit, homerun annnnd grand slam

4 thoughts on “Baseball Signs: 3

  1. your videos are so helpful! I keep subbing for a softball team that is mostly deaf and desperately needed a crash course in softball sign language. THANK YOU!!

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