BASEBALL: Seton Hall Game 2

[MUSIC PLAYING] –88 to 91. He’s got promising
secondary stuff as well. Here’s a line drive to
right field for a base hit. So Zach Gelof kick starts the
Hoos with a lead off single. Space to try and make
something happen, as Morris drives one to left. That’s going to land
in for a base hit and get Virginia
on the board first. Tanner Morris in standing
up at second base. He’s got an RBI double. And a– called strike 3. Dots the outside corner at 93. He wants the at bat against
his home state team, and he drills one to left. How about this? Devin Ortiz– that ball’s gone. In his first start of
the year, Devin Ortiz has his first home
run of a year. And now he comes up with a
chance to drive home a run. He might have done so. They’re going to wave
the runner around. Here comes Eikhoff
towards the plate. He’s going to score, and
it is indeed an RBI single. The whole feel of this inning– swing and a miss. Strike 3. Slider from McGarry. Here’s a swing and
a miss from Grober. Ball in the dirt,
and Coburn will have to flip on down
to first to complete the strikeout, which he does. And that is strikeout number
eight for Griff McGarry. 1-2. Swing and a miss. Strike 3. 93, just blew it by him. I mean, good grief. Quick work of Grober, and the
Hoos are now one out away. And the lefty deals, swung on. Foul tip, and
caught by Michaels. Abbott strikes out the
side here in the ninth. And Virginia earns a split
in today’s double header.

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