BASEBALL: Seton Hall Game 1

[MUSIC PLAYING] This could be two. And you talked about
limiting the damage. That will certainly help. It goes 6 to 4 to 3. You know, his individual
goals for the year. Base hit the opposite
way for Toke. Cut off by Rivoli. Around third, coming in
to score is Santorelli. And the Pirates have a 2-0
lead on the opposite-field RBI for Matt Toke. To Clyde. Lifted to center field. Simmons charging on
and makes the catch. A diving effort. Now firing towards the plate. Throw is cut off. Deep enough for a sacrifice
fly for Alex Clyde. Grounded, right side. There’s one. There’s two. Just what the doctor ordered. And how about that
from Noah Murdock. And he skies one
to center field. Playable for Shedler-McAvoy. Drifts back. Makes the catch. And the Pirates,
in shutout fashion, have taken game 1 today.

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