Baseball Rule Changes For The 2017 Season

– Welcome to the 2017 Major
League Baseball season. Things are gonna be a little
bit different this year but we think these rule changes
are gonna have you saying, “Baseball? “Oh baby, I think I love you!” First of all, no more intentional walks. They cut time from gameplay
and we don’t need to see one player take four walks. Next, no hats. I don’t know about you,
but I think players have been hiding those do’s for too long. (heavenly choir) Also, players gotta wear two
gloves or no gloves at all. One glove’s always just
been too arbitrary. If you hit the ball out of the park, you’ve gotta pay for it. Baseball is business, baby, and
in the business of baseball, balls are money. Also new for the 2017
season, fielders are allowed to grab onto and hold base
runners for up to three seconds. (buzzer) (buzzer) (shushing) (alarm clock ringing) Hey batter! And what if the bases were slippery? Let’s see what happens then. Broadcasts must feature clips of players smacking managers on the belly and their managers pants falling. This season, every time a
runner scores, they chug! (rock music) (burping) You know, first base coaches
are like father figures. Third base coaches are like fun uncles. It’s not really a rule change, but It’s worth thinking about, you know? Triples count for more. Thank you for taking the time
to watch this introduction to the 2017 baseball season. We’re confident that these rule changes will fix something that’s been completely broken and and widely popular
for the last 200 years, the game of baseball. See ya out on the diamond!

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