BASEBALL: Richmond

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today, the 144th
all-time match up between a couple
of in-state rivals And he taps it
towards third base. Gelof, the pick. He’s going to flip over to
first base in time for the out. Spiders are on the board first. Line drive up the middle
and through for a base hit. So Nic Kent stays
red hot for Virginia. Here comes Cayman
Richardson around to score, and this ball game
is all tied at 1. Winkler delivers. Lifted to left field,
chasing back Hipsman. Long way to go,
turns the shoulder. He’s nowhere near at
that ball on one hop up over the yellow line. Should be ground rule
double, and it will be. Got to believe that would
be any– five, this one between the legs of Schmidt, and
home to score without a throw. Nic Kent to make it 3-1 UVA. Put this thing out of reach,
little jam shot right side. Going to be a tough play,
and it’s going to dunk in. Home from third, Morris,
Gelof right behind him. And 5-1, it is
the Virginia lead. Line drive. Base hit to left field,
Richardson hustling over. And Cook wants two. That throw is going to
beat him by a good stretch. Cayman Richardson fires
a strike to second. Hopped up left side, Gelof
and Morris racing after it. And Gelof, basket style,
held on for the out. What a play down on a corner,
tucked against the tarp. The first year continues
to astound with the glove. Here in the ninth
inning, and the 3-2. And that’s in there for
a called strike three. So Whitten finishes
the job, and Virginia has its sixth consecutive win.

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