Baseball Rebellion Online Hitting Lesson Example

Hey, what’s going on? JK here,
Baseball Rebellion got your updated version of the hesitation hitting now
and there’s some good there’s some good stuff here man for sure. One thing that
would always make sure I’m doing is I’m really accurately striding into my foot
down position as much as possible. You’re doing a good job there trying to get
open of course with the front side like we talked about. You know, making sure
that we see some wrinkles in your shirt which is really good. So, I’m going to
send you an updated version of this drill and have obviously me over here to the
left doing it and one you’re going to get is going to have my voice and is
going to highlight some things that I want you to work on. One of the things we
talked about was feeling that tension and stretch; also sometime I want you to add
like it makes you look for is that tilt, like right now you’re very up-and-down,
like your angle is very tall very, very vertical. So, your head is over your,
like straight up from your belly button, when I want your head kind of leaning
towards the camera, more over your belly button then it looks right here. You can
see my posture is a little bit different. Both of our hands are in good pretty good
places back here over our back hip for the most part. Right. But, you can see how
I’m kind of crouched and kind of leaning towards the plate just a little bit. That’s just
going to set me on a better angle, better plane to swing. Right now this ball
right here that you’d be hitting is obviously it’s pretty high, about belt high, and
when you go to turn into a good job of turning, and your bat does a pretty good
job of getting behind the ball and to kind of this nice flat rotation
with a slight bend because you are trying to swing up which is good and
we’re continuing to try to really hit the top net, but you’re going to see one
thing that’s really different. In mine is what I want you to do a bit
differently on the next. I’m just advancing through the drill here, this is all
this is all good stuff, this is a good sign. So, when I’m going to put my
foot down here I’ll land open because I want to go ahead and set that.
But what I want you to do differently is once you try to turn in a little more.
So, see how I kind of like turn in just a little bit more. So, you can see the
difference like right before you go. Your elbow, let me start you back up here, your elbow
is closer to the camera, okay. I really want to pull my elbow back
towards this net here behind me your elbow is still kind of like right over
your leg. I want you to really pull your elbow back towards that room that you’re
working on in the back, which by the way your basements coming together nice, and
then I also want you to pull this hip back again towards and get it towards
the same net. So, in turn pull the elbow back and then turn this hip back so
we’re basically locked and loading our hips, kind of like a pulling a trigger
back on a pistol or something like that. All right, because when your hip is only
this much forward, okay, it’s kind of quote-unquote already gone. You’ve
already kind of started. So that’s something that I want us to
change just a little bit. Again, it’s just like, you know, hesitation hitting you
know 2.0. Just a slight advancement the drill. We’re just trying to progress you
through the stages, right here through the phases. So, turn that hip back
towards, not towards the umpire, like back towards that room it’s right back
towards that room pull the elbow back towards room like you see me right here.
Point everything back because I want to show the pitcher my back a little bit.
I’m going to show the pitcher a little bit of my front pocket, okay, and then as
I go to turn really watch the angle of my rotation. So, when I start I turn
back even more. I want to get as much as I can in a realistic manner and I’m
really trying to turn the bat back here fast, okay. So, this is getting into some
bat pass stuff, but notice the angle of my blur on my bat. It’s way more like
like down towards the ground at an angle of, again, because I think the ball height
is a little bit high I would probably lower it may be a little bit
to in between knee height and belly-button height, but the blur of your bat is very
sideways, which is good, because the ball is higher it’s going to be more sideways
and more, kind of you know, parallel to the ground as opposed mine is going
to be more of a windmill of bat path and that’s
fine, because the game, like I said is the pitch height. But, the difference I don’t
know if you can tell is just the angle of rotation. You do a good job though
keeping your head back over your back knee and as I get my body to contact, you
can see and really really see that similarity and kind of wear our heads are,
but hopefully you can see the tilt and the shoulders a little bit better. So, you
know I’m really tilted and unfortunately you know not the front view of this just
for sake of not blowing up my iPad, but you know I’m really tilted in here to
the side. I can really feel that pressure there and I want to see more of that out
of you, but for the most part we’re pretty close to being identical here and
there’s something else you can see kind of more the top of my head where your
head is very tall, again, because of this the angle and the postures and stuff,
okay. So, really the big change is just feeling more turned in at the beginning.
Really getting the counter-rotated more back and around, and this is going to be
more back and in; this is going to be more back and in. Alright, as opposed to being
you know that’s already kind of going that way, this kind of in a neutral spot
and once you really turn everything back and towards that room back there, okay.
Great job with this though. You’re doing a great with all this I’m asking you
do. Continue to work and I’m excited to see what you guys come up with.

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