Baseball Rebellion Bat Speed Test

Can better vision increase bat speed?
Let’s find out. Bat Speed Vision Test. where do you hear and see the sound? Same swings at 25% speed. Notice the bad vision and the head and
nose facing forward to the pitcher. Let’s try that again with better vision. Same swing at 25% speed.
Notice the better vision and the head and nose turning in towards the contact
zone. So vision does dramatically increase bat speed early in the swing.
Just don’t let it stop your turn. I’m Chas Pippitt, this is Baseball Rebellion

4 thoughts on “Baseball Rebellion Bat Speed Test

  1. i have a question. by looking at these videos i have learned this swing.. still needs work tho but i faced a flame thrower on sunday and i couldnt catch up to him. i stuck out twice. what im doing to get my body and bat going is what you guys explain moving the front knee back to open the back hip. am i missing something here? the guy was throwing upper 80s

  2. I can tell you exactly why the sound changes, it's two different swings. The first one you are swinging the bat on a downward path, the second the bat is forming that Nike swoosh and coming slightly upward.

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