We welcome you back to
Davenport Field at Disharoon Park in Charlottesville,
Virginia on an absolutely picture
perfect night for baseball. And opponents hit
just 250 against him as Kent drives one to left,
chasing back Whitacre. Warning track. Wall. And Nic Kent has put
Virginia in front with one swing of the bat. Virginia’s first hit of
the game leaves the yard as Nic Kent has his
second career home run. It’s Virginia 1, Radford 0,
in the home half of the first. For Radford, and round
it up the middle, that will get the run home. Higgerson on the 1st in time. 6-3 on the put out. But Cayman Richardson has
RBI number 11 on the year. Ball on the dirt,
swing and a miss. Michaels fires to second. And they got the
tag down in time. And a line drive,
right center field. Ranging over Tappen. Into the gap, into a dive,
and he made the catch. Mighty fine play out
there from one Alex Tappen to Rob Butler of a hit. With the bases loaded
here in the bottom half of the fifth inning. First pitch lifted to
center and well-tagged right at the center fielder Matheny,
and will be plenty deep enough. His tagging and scoring from
third, Cayman Richardson to make it 3-0 Hoos. And he’s done exactly that. A base hit to right field. Eikhoff can come home to score. Tappen will stop at third base. Working on the second
inning of the leap here. Line drive up the middle. That is in for a base hit. Morris getting the
wave around third base. And the throw is cut
off as Tanner Morris is going to come in to score. And Nic Kent has his
second RBI of the night, and his team leading
31st of the season. Swinging the ball. Lifted to left center field. Well-tagged. Simmons racing
back into the gap. Still on the run. He tracks that down
somehow, some way. Boy, Cam Simmons had all
kinds of ground to cover and he did so, smoothly,
as he always does. Side retired. Boy that ball was hit very well. And pops it up left side. Tough play for Gelof. And that is a fair ball. One run is home. As in the score from
second base is Roth. Throw to second base,
behind, the runner is in. Time. So Goldsmith is thrown
out at second base. They will say hold
off on the celebration because they want to
take another look at it. The call at second base was
out, and it is confirmed as out. And that will end the ball game. So how about an outfield
assist from Cayman Richardson to lock it down
tonight for Virginia.

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