Baseball Prepares for Last Series Before MAAC Championship

The last weekend of the year is usually a unique one, a short rest. For this last four seasons has been this way where it has a lot of implication on what happens in the tournament. The guys are really excited. It’s a short week so we got a quick turn around. Everybody is on a pretty good spirit at the last weekend. We are going with the mind set that we want. You get a bye. We got the two last year obviously one will win the league I think securing a spot means nothing, we have our eyes on the top from the beginning. We want to win. We won the number two seed and that’s always being a mind set and will continue to be a mind set going into this weekend. This series is big for us in terms standings We just gotta focus on ourselves. We can’t really focus on anybody else. We gotta take care of what we got do before anything else happens. Canisius is at the top of the league with us. There is a chance that we are gonna play them again in a week or so. They have always been really good. I think the one thing for us, as we gotten better throughout the year, we can absorb some adversity when another team gets it going. This weekend weather a storm shows toughness and fight All the other stuff: hitting, pitching, catching the ball at this point of the year it is what it is. We just gotta try to fight our best and play hard. Let’s se what happens.

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