Baseball Prepares for First Game of MAAC Tournament

Anytime you’re in a tournament it changes the dynamic, the way it’s played and how it’s played.
For the guys, they’re excited they know that this year,
probably more than anything, it’s a wide-open tournament. You get for
all the seating out the window and you just got to go and play well for four
days. I think because we won it last year processing out the mindset, there’s a
little bit of our target on our back. In terms of our mentality, we’re gonna
take it one game at a time. We got Siena coming up. They got a good ballclub there.
It actually took two or three from us the first time, so we’re looking for a
little revenge there and go win that game. Then, see what happens. I think
we just gotta take in one game at a time. I think our advantage since
we’ve been there before, we kind of know what to expect. We’re really
looking forward to it. I think if we stay focused throughout the games, we should be fine. I told me other day “I think in in terms especially
as it goes deeper you have to be able to withstand a lot of adversity” and it’s
one thing that we’ve been really good at over course of the year. So, being able to
take some lumps and then just keep coming back because it’s not gonna be
always pretty. But if you can fight through, then you’ve got a chance. We won it last year, so we have that experience. We’ve played in the big games
before and we got a great group of guys here. We love playing
together, we’ve had a great time this season and we’re gonna keep it rolling
the tournament.

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