BASEBALL: Postgame – Louisville Game 3

[MUSIC PLAYING] First, what a great
senior day for our guys, and led by Chesdin Harrington,
who got a spot start today. And Griff McGarry
wasn’t available today, so the spot started by
Chesdin was terrific. And what a way to finish his
home career here at Virginia to go out and pitch six
innings against a really great club like Louisville. And he really had it
going and really pitched the game of his career. And we needed it, because
I told the team last night we were looking for a
signature Series win, you know? And I didn’t feel like we’d
really gotten one this year, and certainly that was one. Louisville’s going to be an
excellent team in the NCAA tournament, and they’re
very, very talented. I’m just proud of our guys. We came out offensively really
fired up, and aggressive, and really tough
with two strikes, putting the ball in play, and
just a collective team effort, really proud of our guys. Yeah. What does it mean as one of
your [INAUDIBLE] when you said [INAUDIBLE] not
necessarily for outsiders, but for yourselves as a team? Well, I think that’s a great
point that first and foremost, a signature series win like
this is what our players needed and what our team needed, right? And I think that we’re playing
some really good baseball. Down at North Carolina,
we only won one game, but I felt like we
were right there, and certainly could
have won the series. But for this team that has kind
of been up and down all year, for us to get this going into
the last four regular season games, I think, is
really, really important. I think we still have
a chance to accomplish what our goals are,
and they’re still right out there in front of us,
if we continue to play baseball like we played this weekend. What was different about this
series in North Carolina? Yeah, you know, I
don’t know what it was. Maybe the players
just completely felt their backs are
against the wall. I’m not sure. But we’ve been in
Louisville’s shoes plenty of times, where you’re
one of the top-rated teams in the country. And like it or not,
you get a little bit of extra effort from the
people that you play. And maybe our guys had a
heightened sense of urgency, or maybe the opponent
drew it out of them. That’s out of respect
for Louisville, right? They have a tremendous team,
and they’ve had a great year, and our guys seem to
rise to the occasion. So that’s a credit to
them and the type of team that they have. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, he’s got a little
bit of a mild setback. I mean, he’s throwing right now. There’s a chance that
he might pitch Tuesday. I just wanted to give him
a little bit of extra time. So it’s kind of day by day. We’ll kind of
evaluate it and see. Offensively, all weekend you
were just relentless, I guess might be a good word. Yeah. Against a team like
that, [INAUDIBLE] how significant is that? Well, Louisville’s rated
as the top pitching staff in this league for a reason. They’ve earned that rating
throughout the entire ACC season, and they’ve
got really great arms. You can see their closer
they brought into the game today has a terrific
arm and a breaking ball. So I just felt like the
word you used, “relentless,” is a good word. I felt like that’s what we did
offensively this whole weekend, starting from the first game. Even though the score
didn’t indicate it, we did score a lot of runs and
had a good offensive approach. So it was great to see,
and a lot of different guys contributed to the success. Alex Tappen, I felt, had a
really great series for us, the two games that he played. And a number of guys, Cayman
Richardson in the nine hole. I think he had three
hits on two of the games. So certainly a lot of guys
are swinging the bats well, and that’s what we need
in order to have success. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. It just seems, you
know, you’ve been all over the place [INAUDIBLE]
offensive [INAUDIBLE] but he just seems reliable. How has he kind of grown
into that [INAUDIBLE]?? Well, I’m really proud
of Cayman Richardson. He’s played a lot of different
positions in our uniform. He’s played three of
the infield spots. He’s played everywhere
in the outfield. He put center field for us
most of the season last year. And he’s just been–
he’s been steady, right? And he seems to come up at big
times, certainly this weekend. And you look at
him statistically, he’s one of the leading
hitters for us in league play. And there’s not a lot of
excitement to him, you know? And I’m not saying
that’s a bad thing. He just is steady and plays
the same way every day. And there’s a calming
presence to him, and he’s had a lot of at-bats
in our uniform in his career, and he’s going to be important
for us going down this stretch run. What does it say about
this team to bounce back after the way you lost
game one in the series? Well, Marty, I think it
speaks to the character of this team, how
we handled, really, a really difficult loss
with your number one starter on the mound
at home in game one. You know, we jump out to a
lead, and then give it away. And then, you know, they
took it to us pretty good. And I think it shows
the resiliency, the resolve that
this ball club has and is playing with right now. To bounce back from that
game and play the way that we did the last two
ballgames is really impressive, and I’m really
proud of our guys, and that’s what I told
them after the game. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] can you think
of a [INAUDIBLE] of anyone that you’ve coached
in your former years here that [INAUDIBLE]
this pressure? Yeah. He reminds me, really, of
two players, Chris Taylor and Ernie Clement. Those guys, he’s
got the electricity of playing the game
with his ability to run and his athleticism,
like Ernie Clement, but he’s got a steady presence
to him like Chris Taylor had. And both of those guys
made immediate impacts in our uniform. Both of them played
a lot as a freshman. He made some terrific
plays at second base today in difficult conditions
that he makes look easy. And again, he’s probably
still leading us in RBIs. He’s just been steady
and consistent. And most importantly to us,
I’d say this about Nick Kent. He plays for the team, the name
on the front of his Jersey, right? You hear the old
saying, you play for the name on the
front of your jersey, not on the back of your jersey. He plays for Virginia,
and he plays steady, and he plays for his team
on a consistent basis, and he’s rewarded for that. I think he’s [INAUDIBLE]. He is. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. I don’t know. Certainly he grew
up around this. He came to a lot of games. We started recruiting
Nick at a young age. And he just plays the
game with a lot of pride. He plays the game the right way. You never see him hang his head. He runs every ball out. He plays hard. He’s prepared every day to play. And when you go about
it with that approach, and you have a little bit of
ability, you get rewarded. And I just couldn’t
be more proud of him. What do you want to
see from your pitching staff these final
four regular seasons? Well, we’ll see from a
pitching standpoint, what we do on Tuesday against VCU. I’m not quite sure
what we’re going to do yet, probably just throw
a bunch of different guys, because we’ve got to get ready
for the Virginia Tech series. Certainly Noah Murdock needs
to step up his game, right? Chesdin Harrington did today. A number of guys have. Mike Vassal did. We just need to settle
down and have a little bit more consistency. It’s nice to see two of those
three starters give us that. And it makes the difference
in the game, certainly. And so that’s what we need. And I think our bullpen is
pitching really, really good, and that’s what’s going
to be important for us down the stretch. [WHOOSH]

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